The Beauty of Post Processing

As summer draws near, it’s going to be a prime real estate season. The market bounced back to life in the spring and is projected to thrive this summer. Yes, buyers are more likely to hike out to new homes in the gorgeous weather but the way buyers hunt for real estate has changed. Online real estate sites have millions of visitors every month, all searching for their next home. If you notice nearly all real estate sites focus heavily on one thing, stunning photographs. How does this impact your listings? It means you need high-quality, gorgeous photographs of every aspect of your property if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

At Twist Tours, we do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. We are adapting and growing to the changing real estate market. We’ve learned countless times that nothing can attract a potential buyer to your listing like stunning photographs. This is why we put every photo our Twisters take through post processing. Why? Because this allows us to augment each shot for maximum visual appeal. Every sale you make is a win for us which is why we make sure every shot counts.

Our post processing is exactly what you need to take your online listings to the next level.

Enhance Every Shot

As we keep saying, you NEED incredible shots to attract potential buyers. Think of how many pictures you see scrolling through your social media feed. How long does it take you to forget one post? Probably no more than 5 seconds. Instagram and Zillow have mountains of real estate listings which means there’s an urgency for you to have gorgeous shots that stand out. Our post processing allows us to give every shot this extra “wow factor” needed to stand out. We don’t just choose a few shots either, we take care of them all. Let our process be your guide for standing out from the rest.

Create a Gorgeous Exterior

Those buyers just loved the home until they saw the state of the yard. You could have a beautiful interior but it won’t sell the home if the exterior isn’t up to par. Unfortunately, outdoor shoots aren’t as controlled as indoor ones. Weather, lighting, the current season, and other factors can make-or-break an exterior shot. That’s where our process comes in! For just an extra $5 per photo, we can enhance lawn colors, clean outside pavement, and play with the lighting. These effects and processes will truly make your exterior shine. The only thing that captures attention like a killer interior is a breath-taking exterior. Let us show off how incredible your listings are both on the outside and inside.

Perfect Lighting

Nothing can throw a shoot out off like lighting. No matter how amazing a room looks, if the lighting isn’t giving you what you need, results can be less than desirable. But what can you do? No one can control the sun. Luckily, one of the many benefits of post processing is the ability to enhance and play with this crucial aspect. Studies show that people are more likely to show interest in photos with bright lighting than dark ones. Tweaking the light is the perfect way to catch eyes while showing off what makes every room unique.

Sky Replacement

Exterior and interior shots can lose their luster if the weather isn’t cooperating. If only those clouds weren’t mucking up those exterior shots. Don’t worry, our post process allows the sky to become a non-issue. We can replace even the darkest skies with some stunning blue and sunshine. The sky impacts interior shots as well and can leave even the comfiest room looking dreary. Imagine a house with gorgeous front windows. Would they look better with a blue sky or a dark one? We offer this special service for $5 a shot, regardless of its the exterior or the interior. Never worry about a bad sky ruining your photoshoot again!

Contact us today to begin your home’s dream photoshoot. Twist Tours is constantly evolving with the market to ensure we are giving out clients the best services possible. Our Twisters are standing by and would be honored to shoot your property. We love nothing more than perfecting our craft to give you the best possible images of your listing. Our post processing is some of the best in the country and you will love the results, guaranteed. To learn more about Twist Tours and the state of the industry, check out our blog!

Virtual Staging: What You Need to Know

Virtual staging is one of the newest revolutionary trends in real estate marketing. What is virtual staging? You take an image of a room and virtually add in different pieces of furniture, decorative accessories, plants and much more. This is amazing technology that can set your listing apart from other empty houses.

While we are firm believers in the marketing power of staging a home with real furniture, there are situations where a budget may not allow for it or there is not enough time to stage before hitting the market.  That is where Virtual Staging comes in!

The majority of home buyers from all demographics are searching for their dream home on sites such as Zillow and Instagram. High-quality pictures can make or break a sale, which is why you NEED to know about virtual staging. It’s not enough to have amazing shots of a home, especially if it’s going to be mostly empty space. How long will someone look at a listing of an empty property? You need to make your listing look like a home, which is exactly what virtual staging allows you to do.

Empty homes – are they truly a blank canvas ready for a Buyer’s imagination? 

Buyers are incredibly overwhelmed with the many moving parts of buying a house.  And seeing multiple houses in a row, over several weeks or months is draining – we can’t assume they’ll be able to tap into their imagination envisioning how they will live in an empty home. Virtual staging helps eliminate that issue by showing them exactly what you want them to see:  their dream home!  Virtual staging allows you to show what each space can be once it’s moved into. Have a beautiful family room? Add couches and chairs to show off how cozy it can be. Does the home have a finished basement? Why not turn it into a recreation room complete with a pool table and entertainment center. Dining space seems small when empty?  Add in the 6 seat dining set you know will fit. 

Guiding buyers visually by seeing how furniture fits virtually can help them make a faster buying decision!

Inspire Buyers to See How they can live in a home

What could be better than showing off how great a home looks through virtual staging? Showing potential buyers what it will look like when they move in. Check out our virtual staging catalogue to see all of the staging options we offer and some of our Before and Afters!

Order our 360 Walkthrough Tour and a buyer can use your virtually staged photos to inspire them to plan, edit and visualize their spaces by utilizing our 2D or 3D Room Planner tool to experiment with changing flooring, wall colors or even seeing what an open concept might look like with the click of a few buttons.

We are the ONLY company in the entire United States to provide this tool to our clients!

To learn more about what Twist Tours can do for you and the state of the industry, check out our blogs.

Gorgeous Spring Photographs Anyone?

Finished the paperwork to put your home on the market? Done!

The house is now spotless for showings? Finished last week!

Top of the line realtor to help you? Just had a promising meet!

Amazing photos taking advantage of spring to showcase the beauty of your home? Need to do.

Professional photographs of your home are the most important component of your online marketing strategy.  You get one shot at a first impression to capture the attention of a buyer.  Sites such as Zillow have nearly 25 million visitors a month from all generations looking for real estate.  What can propel a simple view to a sale? Jaw-dropping pictures of your listing! Spring is the perfect time to show off the exterior and interior of a home.

At Twist Tours, we are the leading experts in real estate photography, 3D immersive spaces, floor plans, drone photos and video, virtual tours, and virtual staging.  From breathtaking aerial shots to high-quality interior shots, we know just how much a great photo can spark someone’s interest in a home. Let us elevate your online listing with photographs of the highest quality.

Here are key factors to consider when preparing your home for photos:

Take Advantage of Natural Light

One of the best aspects of spring is the extra hour of sunlight we get from the clock change. Using this hour to your advantage can mean the difference between a gorgeous and mediocre shot of a home. Buyers are looking for a home that doesn’t feel like a cave. Showing off a home with natural lighting allows them to see the true beauty. Open blinds and let the light in!

Show off that Exterior

When the exterior of your house comes alive, you need to show it off! No matter how gorgeous the interior of your home is, there must be curb appeal from the outside. Give a birds-eye view of a home and the surrounding property in all the glory of spring. In fact, 83% of potential buyers prefer realtors that use drones. Photos and videos from a drone don’t just show off a house, but also the entire neighborhood. This gives buyers the chance to explore all aspects of their potential buy before even seeing it in person.

Use the Spring Colors to Draw Eyes

Taking full advantage of the fresh color pallets that come in with spring will help you stand out online. Colors in photos catch the eye and will bring someone to look through your listing. Having stunning shots of a home that capture the gorgeous spring color pallet will bring in potential buyers. You will also stand out from the competition.

Special details to capture? That’s why we offer extra photos to all our customers.

Our stellar Twisters love showing off everything your listing has to offer! To learn more about Twist Tours and the state of the industry, check out our other blog posts.

Brand Spankin New Website2

Brand Spankin’ New Website!

Our family at Twist Tours is proud to announce that we have a brand spankin’ new website! This project has allowed us to bring our customers the highest-quality site possible and show off our amazing services! What went into our new site? Well, we have taken several steps to make it look gorgeous and be easily navigable!

Mountains of text are always intimidating to people and sometimes someone just doesn’t want to read a novel to learn about our services. That’s why we have streamlined everything! The text is being kept to a minimum and we are emphasizing our services through photos and graphics. A picture is worth a thousand words and a lot easier to look at as well. The colors have also been overhauled and we have a new logo to take our look in a bold new direction. Real estate is a constantly evolving market which is why we wanted to elevate our look!

The site has also been condensed thus making it much easier to view for visitors. All of our sections have been streamlined, showing off the best examples of our work in that area. The whole overhaul was done with the assistance of Julie Velky from Velky Consulting! She took our website and branding design to the next level!

We are so excited to let clients see just what our twisters can do with our incredible services through our site. One visit will win anyone over and we promise that it won’t fail to impress. We would also like to take a moment and give a huge thank you to all our clients, supporters, and team members. Without all of you, we would not be where Twist Tours is today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, especially since to us you are all family. Being grateful is a total understatement on our part.

The passion of our twisters and beauty of your properties will shine through in every project we do. Check out our new site and contact us today so we can tackle real estate marketing together.

Shout out to Julie Velky of Velky Consulting for the fabulous work developing our site!

Velky Consulting Logo

Marketing To The Different Alphabet Generations

Why different demographics require different forms of marketing.

The new year is here and it is time to get excited! It is sure to be a year filled with new innovations, market changes, and most importantly, a transition in those looking to buy. One effect that is going to have the biggest impact on the real estate market is the incoming groups of Millennials, divided into Generation Y.1, and Generation Y.2. These two demographics are going to make up 50% of all buyers in the market in the not so distant future. They aren’t the only ones that are going to be in the market though. Generation X and Baby Boomers are still on the hunt for homes with Generation Z set to be the next big home buying group in the next few years. These generations, divided by some of the biggest gaps in history, are going to be the future home hunters of America. Knowing the difference between these groups and what each of them is looking for is the key to success. If you want to stay competitive in 2019, then you have to know exactly what each generation is looking for during a real estate transaction process.

Each generation is going to provide different challenges and leave an impact on the market. For example, Generation X is less trusting of real estate agents than Y.1 and Y.2. Both of those generations look for homes online more than any other demographic, searching on sites such as Zillow and Instagram.  If you don’t want to be left in the dust you need to be ready to take your marketing to the next level. Our amazing twisters are ready to do that and will ensure that your listings look absolutely amazing with the high-quality content you need. From photography to videography to custom videos, we have the tools you need to elevate your listing.

To make sure that you are ready for each and every person, we have come up with these tips to help you stay competitive.

Baby Boomers

It might come as a shock, but the baby boomers are becoming known as the “invisible goldmine” in the real estate world. They control 70% of the wealth in the country, making them one of the best demographics to hit. This generation is reaching retirement age but it isn’t slowing them down a bit. Many want to keep working and are looking to downsize. This is because they want to find and move into the perfect home for their golden years to help boost their retirement. Don’t be fooled though, this group is tech savvy with 82% searching for homes online. They also have a very particular type of home that they want to spend the rest of their lives in. Features that boomers are looking for include a multi-car garage, dine-in kitchen, a private yard, and an open floor plan. Don’t let the stereotype fool you, boomers are prowling for great homes online just like the younger generations.

Here are the facts:

  • 82% of boomers search online for homes
  • They have a set style of home in mind
  • They have most of the nation’s wealth and are willing to spend it
  • Despite being close to retirement, they still want to keep working

Gen X

Generation X is an odd generation that falls in the middle of boomers and millennials. They are less trusting of real estate agents, but also willing to spend more money on extra features. Extremely self-direct, they will do their own research online before contacting a realtor and will know exactly what they want. You can negotiate with boomers and millennials tend to be indecisive at times, but Gen Xers will tell you exactly what they want and how they want it. They research online, but still want to see properties in person. With families of their own still at home, they are going to be looking for info on the schools and neighborhoods as well as a home to grow in.

Here are the facts:

  • They know exactly what they want
  • They are more likely to see the house in person
  • They are looking for homes to grow in

Gen Y.1 and Y.2

Millennials are the generation that has been online more than anyone else in history. 59% of them are on Instagram, making it their favorite social media platform. While a bit indecisive, Millenials are most likely to go over budget on a home, especially if they love the area it’s in. They are also the fastest acting generation if they find a place that they like they are going to put down an offer fast. That being said, they are also much more budget aware, meaning they have a price range and will stick to it. They also are looking for more from a real estate agent then just being shown a house. They want to see the neighborhood, hear about the schools, and see what the town has to offer. Social media has the biggest impact on them and they will know the difference between quality original content and just a plain old shot of a living room. Combined, these two groups are going to be 50% of home buyers; this is a market that is about to explode in 2019.

Here are the facts:

  • Instagram presence is a must
  • They typically know what is and isn’t authentic content
  • They are indecisive but willing to go over budget
  • They are willing to put down an offer fast if they like the home
  • Location, location, location

If you haven’t begun to make preparations for these incoming buyers, we are telling that you need to right now. It’s more important than ever to be online since three major generations are regularly searching for homes through Zillow, Google, and other sites. The market is only going to grow bigger and evolve as these groups begin to buy and sell, meaning that you need to do the same if you want to stay competitive. With the internet being a major part of the lives of nearly every member of these generations, it’s more important than ever to have a virtual tour and an online office ready to go. Regardless of the generation, jaw-dropping photography and videography is a must to truly “wow” buyers.

No matter how much the market changes, we are ready with the newest and latest trends to stay in the game. We offer the most modern and high-tech ways to show off your properties including videography, drone photography, and virtual tours. Our customers are important to us so you can be assured that we are giving nothing but 120% to everyone we work with. Our twisters love nothing more than being able to put their skills to the test and show off the beauty of your amazing home. Let us help you take the step into modern real estate for your continued success in 2019 and into the future!

Digital Marketing Trends For Real Estate In 2019

How to Take Your Listings to the Next Level in 2019 If you are going to be competitive in 2019, you need to know the digital marketing trends! Things have already moved online to appease two huge markets, Millennials: Gen Y.1 and Gen Y.2. No generation has been online as much as them and now […]

Realtors: Get on Instagram!

As we close out the year and you begin to wonder what you can do to take your online presence to the next level, you may consider elevating your presence on social media. Yes, Facebook is currently the mecca in the world of social media, however, there is another platform that is rapidly growing and plays right into the hands of realtors, photographers, interior designers, builders and videographers. That platform is Instagram. If you have ever ventured into the realms of Instagram, you will quickly notice that all “posts” are mainly focused on beautiful images and videos rather than text, as “posts” are on Facebook. According to Adspresso, Instagram just reached 1 billion users this past June, which is a large increase considering that just in September of 2017 they had 800 million users. Instagram’s popularity is expected by those that typically use social media considering that they are always innovating. From adding “Stories” to the platform to allowing advertisers the option to add shopping links to “posts,” transformations are being made. Transformations that you need to take advantage of, especially if you are a realtor, interior designer, or builder.

For millennials, Instagram is an unbelievably popular social media platform. According to Investopedia, 59% of millennials are on Instagram and do you know what those millennials crave? Beautiful photographs of homes, especially if they are searching. It is way more common for a potential buyer to eye their dream home while scrolling through social media than it would be for them to find it in a magazine. As a matter of fact, there are actually profiles on the Instagram platform that are dedicated just to showcasing beautiful homes. Wouldn’t you like to see one of your listings featured on one of those accounts for potential buyers all over the country to see it? Signing up for Instagram is an extremely easy task and having our talented team take stunning photographs for you is an even easier one! Simply give us a call or shoot us an email!

Once you are all signed up, you can begin updating your information to pertain to your business as a realtor, interior designer, or builder. We recommend including your email, a phone number, and also some information about you so that followers can simply speak with you if they are interested in one of your products or services. After that is taken care of, it is time for the fun stuff – the photographs and videos. After you work extremely hard to get a listing, complete building a home, or formulate a jaw-dropping interior design, it will feel great to have that majesty captured by true professionals, like our team! We deeply enjoy having the opportunity to capture beautiful interior photographs, exterior photographs, aerial photographs, and aerial videography. Plus we also offer custom videos for just $149 or our free slideshow video that automatically posts to Zillow! Followers will deeply enjoy having the chance to view gorgeous photos of your home, which can actually be put into a “swipe-thru” so that they can easily eye while examining your “post.”

Another great aspect of Instagram is that communication between the account holder and followers is extremely easy. Discussions can be held through direct messages, through stories while going live, or in the comments of posts! With beautiful photographs and engaging photographs, followers will be encouraged to interact with your post, see what you are up to, and will be able to visualize first hand how important quality is to you. Marvelous photographs will directly connect you to your listing and your homeowners, so it is very important to get the right ones that reflect your brand in its finest light.

After seeing how well your photographs are doing on Instagram, you will be craving for more. Luckily for you, we are prepared and offer extra photos! If you have a property with absolutely incredible features that your listing presentation would never be complete without, don’t even hesitate for a second. We would love to have the opportunity to photographs these features whether they are a lake just a few hundred feet away from your home or a firepit that is right around the corner from the backyard pool. Since more and more people are purchasing homes sight unseen, the more images potential buyers can see of your home, the better!

When it comes to a home that you put your name behind, it is so very important to make sure that all of its gorgeous features are captured, and we would be honored to be the ones taking them. From incredible photos of your kitchen to the entire neighborhood, it is truly a treat for us! The next time you have a property that deserves to have a ton of eyes on it, don’t waste any time! Have us capture its beauty and post it on Instagram for all to see!   

Why Realtors Should Care About Zillow

So far in 2018 and what is sure to still be true in 2019, the real estate market has been extremely competitive. There are plenty of truly incredible homes on the market that are just waiting to be shown off on many different real estate platforms. From Trulia to to Zillow to various social media platforms, homes are getting more exposure now than ever thought possible. Given this new wave of potential, it is so important to document the beautiful amenities that your home has to offer.

At Twist Tours, we are constantly adapting to the changing needs of homeowners, builders, and realtors so that their properties can genuinely shine.  From custom videography to high-def photography to virtual tours, we are proud to offer a plethora of options. One of the sites that we believe realtors and homeowners alike should take advantage of is Zillow. According to Statista, Zillow is the leading real estate and rental website in the United States according to monthly website visits. It received 36 million visits a month as of May 2018. Trulia (owned by Zillow) is the second most popular real estate website with around 23 million monthly visits. In the world of real estate marketing, Zillow is a mecca that must be a portion of your selling or buying strategy.  

With our dedicated Twist Tours team in your corner, Zillow can quickly become one of your biggest assets. Here is how we are going to make this platform your go-to for assistance when it comes to real estate transactions.

Exclusive features offered by Twist Tours that no other company can offer!

Re-branded tours –  When you are buying or selling, having your home seen is so crucial, especially on the internet. Time is so valuable to buyers, and because of this, they are hunting for homes online before even taking the time to venture to see a property in person. For exposure, MLS tours are great but they do not do enough to get your home out there for the world to see. They are no more than a portal that holds information about the home and photos that are difficult to come across. With Zillow, searching is a breeze. To make this website even more of an asset to you, our passionate team of Twisters will automatically convert that unbranded MLS tour pulled in from the MLS back to the branded tour so that YOU are always seen. The more eyes on a home, the more potential buyers. The more buyers interested, the greater the chance of a price war. And when a price war takes place, you can see a greater return on your investment.

Embedded video – For those that heavily follow the trends in the real estate market, by now you are without question aware of how important video content becomes when selling a home. Videos give those aching to learn more about your home a brand new perspective. They can visualize more spaces and actually be given the chance to picture themselves residing in your home. To take picturing yourself in a home even farther, we offer virtual tours!

Starting around December 1st, our family of Twisters will have an exclusive new agreement with Zillow to automatically embed automated slideshow video from our tour to the Zillow property detail page as well as our custom video product for FREE. We are the only tour company that can do this! These videos will get your listing higher search placement and you will get the exposure that you crave. Custom videos are not only eye-catching, but they encourage users to see more of the home than they would if there was just a gallery of photographs that can sometimes be out of order and cause confusion. With videos of your home on Zillow from us, the odds of your home spending less time on the market are without question increased.

Keep in mind, uploading photos to the MLS does not give you free advertising on sites like Zillow. However, a virtual tour can if it has your branding! There are no other tour companies that can convert the unbranded tour to branded AND have an automated branded video posted on your Zillow listing, automatically, and for free.

Sound too good to be true? Good! Pinch yourself. Yep, we bet that hurt and also we bet that you have a smile on your face knowing that your home now has the backing that it needs to soar off of the market so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life!

We live in a spectacular world were both buyers and sellers can enjoy the new advantages that technology has to offer. We are proud to be on the forefront of this transition and we look forward to continuing to adapt in order to properly showcase homes on the market!

If you are someone who is on the hunt for extra assistance for selling a home, simply contact us!

Don’t Forget to Capture the Beauty of Your Neighborhood!

Decide to sell your home: check

Choose a trustworthy realtor to assist you: check

Bring in professional photographers to obtain stellar images of your home: check

Document your surrounding neighborhood: …check-ish?

When selling, truly having stunning photographs of your property is so important, especially since so many people are purchasing their home based on online searches. The average age of first-time buyers in 2017 was 32, young enough for those people to be all over the internet and on social media, where beautiful luxury listings thrive. Those hunting for the perfect residence love having the opportunity to visualize themselves in their potential new home, which is easier to do with clear photographs and virtual tours.

Now, these tools take care of the interior of your home and some of the exterior, but what about the neighborhood that your home is located in? Are your neighbor’s homes in good condition? Is your home near a lake or river? Is the house on a busy street? Are the schools close? These are the questions that buyers don’t just want to know the answer to – they need to know the answer. Here’s what we do to show off what your neighborhood has to offer!

Aerial Photography

Do you ever wish that you were a bird so that you could really see what your neighborhood looks like from up above? You could cruise up and down the blocks, hunt for inspiration, and actually see how close you are to that lake you’ve walked to a few times from your current residence. With aerial photography, you will have the opportunity to actually see what a bird would see. You can see how well-kept your neighbors keep their homes, how quaint and peaceful your neighborhood is, and how that lake you have walked to is only an eighth of a mile away, which is exciting knowledge for those that love swimming and fishing in the summer. With aerial photography, you instantly gain a new, more interesting way to see your home, which is great for potential buyers. Keep in mind, a beautiful home is great, but a beautiful home in a phenomenal neighborhood is even better, especially in the eyes of a family or first-time buyer looking to move into a nicer location. Our elite team at Twist Tours is here to assist you when it comes to getting the absolute best images of your property and neighborhood from up above!

Aerial Videography

Images of a property from up above look marvelous. Videos look even better! An expert drone pilot is capable of taking off directly from your front yard and flying up a few hundred feet to show exactly where your home is located in one singular shot. If you have ever witnessed a drone capturing aspects of a home or neighborhood, you know how spectacular they look. The drone can soar all around your home so that potential buyers can see the neighborhood from every angle. Once the flight is over, the video taken by one of our expert pilots can be uploaded to your website so that potential buyers can see it, in addition to photographs, which are a must. Though these aerial videos assist massively in selling, they are also a ton of fun to watch. Don’t believe us? Check out one of our recent aerial videography shoots here.

After our friendly team takes photographs of your home, we also have a service whereby we capture your neighborhood amenities such as a clubhouse, pool and walking trails! At Twist Tours, we truly love what we do and look forward to utilizing our experience, knowledge, and talent to assist you! To keep up-to-date on the ever-changing world of real estate marketing, follow our blog!

The Importance of Lighting in Real Estate Photography

Without even having to ask, you have definitely been a victim of bad lighting. When you are all prepared to take a brilliant photograph of a pet, yourself, or a space in your home and then your camera’s lens is completely overtaken by light so that your photograph ends up being a massive white blur. It happens, even if you are a professional. Sometimes the solution to obtaining your perfect photograph can come from turning the flash on, but in most cases finding a suitable solution can be way more complex. Many photographers love snapping pics while utilizing natural lighting while others insist on bringing in massive lights in order to create images that fully encapsulate the beauty of whatever they may be photographing. The first ever camera was invented in 1816 and since then the world of photography has truthfully transitioned into a different dimension. Cameras can now capture points in a room in order to provide developers with images that can be used for virtual reality purposes. We can actually feel as though we are inside of a home across the country while searching for a new location to reside. Oh, how the times have changed, and for the better! Finding a home has never been easier than it is right now and if we remain on a similar path it will only become a simpler process. For those within our industry, this is an exciting thought since we will gain access to new, cool tools that will make harnessing the sheer majesty of homes throughout our country nothing other than a joy.

In 2016, 88 percent of home buyers used websites during their search and 94 percent of millennials took advantage of the online information. Given these statistics, which have gone up since stunning photographs of homes are so very important. According to Anthony Gilbert, Realtor,

“When buyers look at homes for sale, they are trying to imagine their new life in each and every home they visit. Lighting – at its best – reveals a property’s potential. On the other side of the coin, poor lighting can conceal this potential. The same exact room may elicit wildly different reactions from a prospective buyer based solely on how it is lit. A bright living room is inviting and may have buyers imagining hosting company there on weekends, while a dim living room may simply be overlooked as just another room the buyer walked through that day.

The buying process is visual and emotional, and a well-lit home can appeal to both of these thought processes. One of the last things a home seller will want to do after pouring time and money into improving their home is to literally present their property in the wrong light.”

For photographers, buyers, sellers, realtors, and professionals, the right lighting can go a long way and can be the difference between your home flying off of the market and it hanging around for longer than anticipated. Whenever our team at Twist Tours is at a property, we do a thorough evaluation of the lighting to make sure that no details are ever left out of a photograph. Additionally, here are some helpful insights that will help you always capture the best qualities that your home has to offer.

Color Management

The use of lighting can add to or take away from the overall colors of a room or from only those surfaces that the light is meant to elevate. The darker the colors are in a room, the more cramped and small they feel. Lighter colored walls do the opposite. The illusion of space is defined by the way that light reflects off of the walls and surfaces within the room. When taking photographs, it is important to remember this and brighten up those corners that look dark, cramped, and undesirable. For homes with recessed lighting, they add a pleasant downward glow that illuminates the floors rather than the walls, which if they are a bright color will result in a fantastic combination. When it comes to showcasing a home, the brighter the colors, the better. Plus, bright colors will always stand out amongst darker ones!

Take space into account

Natural and man-made lighting will help with the illusion of the space you are looking to photograph. For darker colored rooms, use your creativity to bring in full-spectrum natural light. In rooms where furniture is close together, they will seem more cramped so consider taking out the extra side table or sofa so that the remaining furniture can be spread nicely about. Corner lamps, wall sconces, and centrally hanging lights will help brighten a room and when paired with natural lighting will be fantastic to photograph. If you are a photographer that adores natural lighting, consider shooting in spaces with skylights, large windows, or pushing away drapes that are blocking light from coming in. For those that need help deciding what should stay and what should go in a room, consider staging.

Directional lighting

Lighting in a room will either provide illumination for the entirety of the room or highlight specific elements. Track lighting is known for being positional lighting since the necks of the lights can be pointed at specific elements. Some pictures and mirror frames also have built-in lighting to highlight specific areas on walls. Recessed lighting can be used in floors and ceilings to create incredible vertical beams of light within a space.

When photographing a home, the lighting will completely change the mood of a room just as it changes the perceived size of the room. Placement and type of lighting are important when photographing the interior of a home. A space with proper elements like color selections, size, availability of natural light, and a fantastic furniture can come together and transform a room into a space that is functional, beautiful, and is ready to be photographed.

If you are someone looking to get the most out of their home’s online presence, we offer professional photography services!