Optimize Your Listing Online!

Listing Optimization 101

Simple and effective tactics that all realtors can utilize to increase the number of potential buyers that view their client’s property online.

Over the past few years, our team at Twist Tours has worked with hundreds of real estate professionals, and if there’s one thing we noticed it’s that realtors are busy! Between juggling phone calls, paperwork, showings, and more, it’s possible for certain key elements for success to be put on the back burner, including marketing. 

Well, it’s time to move that pot upfront and set it to power boil because it’s time to turn up your advertising efforts! Doing this will help your listings sell faster, grow the number of prospective clients you have, and allow you to expand brand awareness. Putting more thought and effort into marketing can seem like a large undertaking, but we know exactly how to maximize your listing’s exposure while saving time and money. Here are some creative and impactful strategies that you can follow!

Time To Get Mobile

With each passing day, our world becomes increasingly mobile, which means that home buyers will be viewing listings on the go. This means that your website needs to be mobile optimized to give potential clients a high-caliber viewing experience that stands out from the competition. Allowing for valuable information to be readily available and showcasing eye-catching content will make people more likely to select your business. Also, websites that are tailored to be viewed on smartphones rank higher on Google, which means that even if your desktop version of your website is fantastic, it can still hinder your ranking. Considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important for both buyers and sellers to locate an agent they can trust. Designing a mobile-friendly website is an investment, but one that will pay off in the long run. Our single property websites are wildly efficient and can help showcase a listing beautifully on a desktop monitor or smartphone!

Establish Your Brand

Knowing your target demographic is essential for all digital marketing, building your brand, and validating your credibility. For instance, if you are a realtor in Austin or San Antonio, two trendy cities that attract creative and unique individuals, then you want to have branding that is sleek, simple, and memorable. This highlights elements that people in these areas care about. Naturally, having this high-end look means photos and video content that match its refined energy.

Elevate Your Photography

The times where low-quality, pixelated photos were acceptable when showcasing a real estate listing are long gone. 83% of property buyers believe that photos are crucial in helping them reach a buying decision. With such a high number, realtors can’t afford to just take their phones out and start snapping images, even though that sounds like an easy route to take. Big and gorgeous photos of a listing will keep prospective buyers coming back for more, and the greater number of people that view a specific website, the higher it will rank. Exposure is very important when it comes to a property selling as quickly as possible and investing in photography will have numerous benefits.

Grow With Video

When you add captivating video content to your online listing presentation, you will get more prospects interested in your property. Listings that include videos boast a 403% increase in inquiries than listings that don’t. Here are just a few of the many benefits of adding video to your listing digital marketing strategy:

  • A video allows potential buyers to get a true feel for the layout and size of a room that wouldn’t be possible in photos.
  • Videos give prospective buyers the opportunity to visualize themselves in a home.
  • Aerial videos can showcase an entire neighborhood.
  • A high-quality video can emphasize specific features of a property while having informative text overlays, which allow for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

In a world where more and more people are purchasing homes online, a video creates a true cinematographic perspective that can make a viewer feel as though they’re right at home. Not only do we specialize in aerial video services at Twist Tours, but we also offer:

Get Social

Did you know? Being active on social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, can actually boost your SEO. Now, this increase isn’t direct, but having loyal followers who like and comment on your posts will build credibility, which will naturally lead to more people gaining interest in your listings. We recommend staying active on social media, posting more than just listing after listing (or if you are showcasing a ton of listings, break it up between photo and video content), sharing what makes you unique, and building a community that will be interested in all you have going on. The more people who want to talk to you means more relationships, leading to more prospective buyers!

Be Strategic With Listing Websites

Zillow and Trulia can be used in a positive way to bring prospective clients to your website. It’s possible that some buyers go to these websites before they even look for a realtor, so this is a valuable strategy to keep in mind. On websites, like Zillow, the goal is to find buyers who have expressed interest in a certain residence. If they venture to your website, the odds of them wanting to learn more are far greater. Having detailed information about the specific property, plenty of high-quality photos and video content will keep these valuable individuals locked in.

One of the services that we offer our Twist Tours clients is a single property website that features all of this important marketing collateral and also is a place for a realtor to be contacted to schedule a showing. The true value of a single property website is that once a viewer is there, their only focus is on that specific property. They can learn and see all they want without being distracted. These online tours are a true virtual experience that is captivating and will definitely give you an edge over your competition. We offer six different tour designs based on your brand and goal that we can offer as well!

As you may have heard: “If you’re not committing to giving your all in order to accomplish your goals, your competition is,” and right now, this couldn’t be more true. Simply snapping photos on your phone, posting them on MLS, and waiting for a call won’t help your listing gain attention. You need to fully create a marketing strategy that will enhance your entire digital presence. 

Since we specialize in real estate marketing, we offer a plethora of services that benefit realtors in both the Austin and San Antonio areas. If you’d like to learn more or schedule us to come to photograph one of your properties, contact us today here: https://www.twisttours.com/contact-us/