Remodeling to Sell!

If a ‘For Sale’ sign is in your future, you’re thinking ahead to where you’ll live next and debating what’ll go into each moving box. But not so fast! The world of real estate is competitive: is your house ready for the challenge?

Selling a home is all about selling a dream. When you present your home to the world, you want it to dazzle. And a word to the wise: buyers are fickle. If your home doesn’t tick everything on their list, they move right along. 

Remodeling is a great way to get your home ready to sell. 

But wait…isn’t remodeling for people who, you know, want to stay in their homes? Why remodel a home if you’re going to sell it? 

Well, three reasons, actually:

  1. Return on investment

Naturally, you want to make a profit on the sale of your home, to invest in your future. But here’s the thing: you gotta speculate to accumulate, y’all. Investing in certain projects around the home will pay off *big time* when you sell. It’s called Return on Investment (ROI) and it’s so worth it.

  1. Competitive edge

Remodeling your home is the real estate equivalent of sticking it to the competition, AKA the dozens of other homes in your neighborhood and price bracket. 

Hey, you home whispers, I’ve got something y’all don’t. How do you like me now?

  1. Sale price

Now, what happens when there’s more interest in a house sale? Think back to your Economics 101. That’s right: it drives up the price. 

Making your home more functional, beautiful, and generally more desirable through renovation projects drives ‘em wild.

Cha-ching, baby.

Remodeling – Where to Focus

So, let’s be practical here. We cannot remodel the entire home. That’s because a) you want to do enough to improve your sales success without spending a fortune, b) you’d fall in love with your home and decide not to sell, and c) it would take forever.

So where to start?

Luckily for us, a recent report by Zonda shows the most lucrative remodeling projects to boost home sales. They whipped out their calculators and figured out the highest ROI rates in their cost vs value report using 2021 data.  

Let’s explore 6 remodeling projects that can make your home sale dreams come true. 

  1. Garage door replacement.

We’re stunned that this made the top of the list, but with 93% of the cost recouped, we can’t argue with the math. Replacing a worn or shabby garage door with a new one is a practical feature that buyers value.

  1. Window replacement

With the rising cost of home heating, potential buyers recognize the value in windows and doors that prevent draughts and keep us snug in the winter. New windows are an investment that pays off.

  1. Kitchen remodel 

Yup. We saw this one coming a mile away because the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a buyer will see the kitchen not just as a place to prepare dinner but also as a place to host family and friends.

  1. Deck replacement

Having a new deck in your yard is a buyer’s dream because instead of picturing themselves varnishing and patching an old, weathered deck, they picture themselves drinking a refreshing beverage and relaxing. 

  1. Fiber cement siding installation

Upgrading from painted wood siding to stone veneer means that a potential buyer won’t take on any maintenance headaches in the future. You don’t want the words ‘rot’ or ‘insect infestation’ to be uttered when talking about your lovely home. 

  1. Entry door replacement

First impressions count, and this extends to your front door. It’s called curb appeal, friends. A stunning new steel or composite door gives a fresh look and sets the tone before a buyer puts a foot inside the home. The message? This is a home that’s cared for. 

Not all home investments mean big bucks.

Remember, sometimes small updates mean big value. So, if your budget doesn’t stretch to windows, doors, and decks (oh, my!) don’t panic. You can make small changes to have your home looking fly, so roll up your sleeves. 

Cosmetic improvements such as fresh paint or new wallpaper are small on cost but big on impressions. Injecting some color can add depth and soul to a home that’s a bit… well, beige. Adding texture to soft furnishings can increase the feeling of luxury and relaxation around the house, and you can easily achieve this with throws, pillows, and rugs. Spend a little on good lighting, and your home will thank you.

No one likes clutter. Well, no one like your clutter. So, to maximize the space, think about space-saving solutions. Finally, spend some time and dollars on your garden because this is an area where people imagine themselves relaxing and entertaining, and your outdoor space can make or break a sale.

Dream a little

Come on, now, let’s indulge in a little home sale fantasy for a minute. Just for fun. Picture the scene: you’ve waved off your home contractor, hung up your power tools, and the fresh paint is dry. Then you call us. You know, ‘cos we’re the best. We roll in and showcase your home like the absolute dreamboat that it is. We present it in all its shiny glory. Then boom! The fish begin to nibble.

“Did you get a load of that incredible new kitchen?” says one buyer.

“Oh man, I could really get the BBQ going on a deck like that,” says another.

Next thing you know, there’s a bidding war. Just sayin’. It could happen. 

Y’all, we wish you luck with your remodeling plans. Your hard work and investment will pay off, and your beautiful home will be in demand.

As for us? Oh, no applause needed. Just the satisfaction of a job well done. We’re passionate, so we see the beauty in your home and its unique features. We love to capture and highlight what we know buyers will get excited about. 

Oh, and did you know? We also offer virtual staging, virtual tours, floor plans, 3D spaces, videography, and aerial services. We love what we do in real estate marketing, and it shows. Couple that with technology and dedication, and you know you’re on to a winner.