Using Color to Entice Buyers

Picture this: you’re in the process of staging your home and want to create a specific vibe:  Colorful walls or accents will set your listing apart from others, but sometimes it’s hard to choose a color scheme. This is when it’s time to crack open the books and study psychology— color psychology, that is!

Color psychology refers to the ways in which color influences how we think and feel – huge factors that come into play when preparing your home for sale.  At Twist Tours, we want your listing to look its best for photo day!

Warm it up!

Reds, oranges, and yellows) has been shown to stimulate positive emotions like passion and creativity. These colors work best in productive or inviting spaces like offices and entryways. Red specifically would be great in the kitchen, as it is known to stimulate your appetite (think of how many restaurant chains use red in their logos). Orange would work great as an accent wall in an office or bedroom, and yellow would bring warmth and added brightness to rooms with a lot of windows.

On the flip side, you can overdo it.  These exciting colors can overstimulate some people and make them feel anxious or angry, even if they’re just on a virtual tour of your home. This is why we don’t recommend painting entire walls these colors! Instead, incorporate pops of color on  accent walls or decor home decor or use them for accent walls. Alternatively you can use a muted form of the color, such as a light yellow. You’ll still make potential buyers hungry to purchase your home while not overwhelming them!

Cool, Calm & Collected

Shades of blue, green and violet evoke peace and tranquility. Because these colors are inviting yet calming we think they work best in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Green tones, pulled straight from nature, would compliment a room facing a front or back yard and can be incorporated by adding house plants!

Blue and violet look great on accent walls in dining and living spaces, as well as in statement furniture like pictured below. If you are looking for a cool, calm, and cozy atmosphere, these colors are your go-to!

Neutral Territory

Neutral colors (white, brown and grey) might not seem exciting, but they definitely offer their own advantages.  Peace and calmness are associated with brown which makes it a perfect shade for dens or entertainment areas. Gray Skies might not sound like a positive name, but it’s soothing tone pairs well with other colors making it perfect for hallways or living spaces. If you find grays to be too cold or “sterile”, warm it up with a more neutral or brown toned shade. Soft beiges and creams  give a cozy, quiet vibe which can be warmed up or cooled off with pops of other neutrals or more vibrant colors. These more relaxed colors visually create a clean slate allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there!

Still need help deciding what colors look best for every room? Find a professional stager for your home to attract every type of buyer, and check out our blog for even more tips.

And don’t forget about virtual staging!  Take a blank canvas and use our virtual staging service to take a vacant home from empty to inspiring!