Up Up and Away!

Up, Up, and Away: 8 Things That Excite Us About Aerial Photos & Videos

Now, the team here at Twist Tours is a hardworking, practical bunch. But you’ll have to excuse us every once in a while for getting a little bit carried away. OK, a lot carried away. It’s just that some of the homes, ranches, land sites, and commercial properties we capture for real estate marketing are out of this world. 

And the funny thing is, what has us so excited about these properties is that we have seen them from a whole new angle. That’s because admiring a property at ground level is one thing but admiring a property from above is another. Welcome to the cool and exciting world of aerial photography. And hey, the weather is great up here.

So, if you’re a bit up in the air about whether to go for aerial photos and videos, here are some of the things we absolutely love about them. We promise to keep our heads out of the clouds. 

  • Your property stands out

Houses and condos look ordinary from the ground but incredible when shot from a higher viewpoint. Buyers are flooded with images of houses for sale, clicking relentlessly from one to the next. Make them stop and pay attention to yours. Your property, shot by an aerial photography expert, will look nothing like the others. It stands out from the crowd. It’s memorable, and it inspires confidence.

  • Your property sale is professional

Let’s send a message to the buyers out there: your property is special. As the seller, you’re going that extra mile because it’s worth it. Nothing showcases your property like aerial photos and videos shot by our skilled drone photography professionals. You’re in the hands of the experts now. But hey, hold your applause ‘til the end.

  • Size and scale

Aerial videos and photos give the viewer a better understanding of the size and scale of the property. Imagine photographing at ground level, but the trees get in the way. From above, we can soak in the extent of the land and ranch, the scale of a property, and show off the surrounding area.

  • Commercial spaces

We can’t think of a better way to get the feel of a commercial space than by drone photography. Take the shops at Legends Village, for example. We get to see the surrounding area, look at the neighborhood, the scale of the property and the features inside, the local amenities, and the distance to the hot spots.

  • Spectacular views

What strikes us when we look at the aerial video of Ascensions on Lake Travis is the scenery. It’s heavenly. That blue sky, lush greenery, and the movement of the water. It makes you want to book a private showing, kick your shoes off, and dive in. 

The video of Cat Mountain Peninsula lets you see the private drive, walking trail, distance to the Country Club, and the panoramic views from the top.

When the drone sweeps over the residential homes, you get to soak in the yard, play equipment, seating area, and pool. 

  • Sites and development land

Aerial photography allows us to see the potential. It’s cool how we can see potential views from higher floors and mark out hectares of land. This makes it all clear to the buyer with no confusion. They can appreciate the prime development opportunity in all of its glory.

  • Affordable

The bird’s eye view of aerial photography is no longer limited to high-end properties. Sure, it used to be expensive when done by aircraft, but now it’s very affordable when done by drone.

No, seriously. It may look like a million bucks, but aerial photos start at only $135. I know, right? Our team is happy to tell you more about pricing.

  • Social media boost

Nothing engages an audience like aerial footage because it’s so watchable, clickable, and shareable. It creates excitement and interest online. We’ve seen it so many times with our aerial photos and videos when it comes to likes, shares, and comments. 

Let your property fly

All of these benefits of aerial photography and videography lead to stronger, faster, and more competitive sales. 

You can see samples of aerial photos and videos of commercial properties, land, ranches, and homes on our YouTube channel. 

Give your property the extra boost it deserves. After all, aerial services are affordable and effective, and it allows your home, commercial space, or land to look its best

Welcome to the future of real estate marketing. We’re leading the way. Won’t you join us?