Small Updates=Big Value

Who knew that updating a house could be so easy? There are tons of imaginative ways to upgrade your home for less while sticking with the latest trends!

When you own a property, you always want it to be the place you enjoy returning back to after a long day of work or space where friends and family can gather to enjoy each other’s company. The thing is, having an out-of-date home can make all of those moments less enjoyable. Some elements that tend to drive homeowners and guests a bit crazy in 2021 are outdated window treatments, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, faux stone fireplaces, and more (emphasis on more.) The great thing for homeowners with these elements in their residence? It can all be replaced in a cost-effective manner!

Over the past few years, members of our Twist Tours team have been making small improvements to their homes and doing tons of research in order to create spaces they can be proud of. Some of these projects have been epic wins and some have been a bit challenging, but we’re here to share the positives with you to add some value to your property and save you time! 

No need to bring in a contractor and deal with an intense buildout; you’re about to have the tools you need to increase your property’s practicality right here! Inspiration, courtesy of Twist Tours!

Add New Lighting

If you feel as though a space needs to be “brought to life,” one of the best ways to do so is through adding proper lighting. When a space has bad lighting, it can feel cramped, dark, and uncomfortable. But, when a room is brightly lit, the energy can feel light, airy, and welcoming. One very simple way to do this is by purchasing table lamps or floor lamps. Speaking of floor lamps, if you place a few strategically throughout your home, it can make the interior as a whole feel cozier and inviting. 

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can even replace out-of-date ceiling fixtures with one of the stunning modern offerings that are currently on the market! Enhancing a home’s lighting is never an improvement that any homeowner will regret. Newfound, lovely light is sure to keep everyone smiling!

Update Window Treatments

More times than not, windows are overlooked when it comes to considering a home’s ambiance. It is understandable since when you are in your home, you typically aren’t looking toward the exterior, but they can make a big difference. Many homeowners struggle when it comes to finding what specific window treatment styles fit their room, but most end up leaving windows bare or simply install blinds for privacy. The funny thing about windows is that they’re just begging to be dressed up! Not only this, but windows are a fantastic area for homeowners to showcase their unique style and taste. You can go bold with a geometric style of curtain or be a minimalist with bamboo shades. There are so many incredible options that will not break the bank. In some cases, the easiest option is to just match the curtain panels with the color of the walls. This combination is timeless and will always be a refreshing look.

Enhance the Wallpaper

Exciting news: we are not talking about “your grandmother’s wallpaper” here. We’re focusing on the marvelous removable (yes, removable!) wallpapers that are currently available -Oh how the times have changed! Many of these wallpapers come with eye-catching patterns and graphics that will make you look like an interior designer. Updating the wallpaper doesn’t take too long and can actually be an enjoyable weekend project. Once you want a change, you can strip it off and the wall underneath will not be damaged. If this is your first go using a product similar to this, we recommend pushing the limits of your comfort zone and having fun with it.

Don’t Forget About the Yard

Sometimes, the best update you can make to your home is actually an exterior one — landscaping! Even if you are someone without a green thumb, planting a few trees or flowering shrubs can be an easy task. If you are unsure exactly what to plant for your unique area, we recommend going to a local garden center to see what the experts think. Many garden centers even have landscape architects on hand who can create a plan that would work for your property. Simply planting some flowers along a walkway or adding a few raised garden beds could be all you need to add a little pop of color and some excitement. Aside from adding, you may be considering removing. If you have tall bushes or trees that prevent light, consider making alterations to them so that more light can enter your home! As we mentioned up above, the more light, the better!

Create an Open Space

According to the team at Bankrate, open floor plans are on the top of the “want list” when it comes to purchasing and owning a home. People simply adore an open floor plan where the kitchen, family room, and dining room are all in one area. With each passing year, formal dining rooms are going out of style, this is where you have the opportunity to establish a fabulous space for entertainment, an at-home office, or hobbies! Now, in order to accomplish this, you are surely thinking, “I will need to knock down walls to do this!” Actually, you won’t. To make your home feel more open and airy, get rid of bigger furnishings or move objects around the room to see what type of placement allows for the most space. Perhaps your home has a huge armoire taking up space, but you love it. Consider painting it an off-white color to “disappear” into the room. This will not only make the room appear bigger, but white shades in a home are very trendy!

Modernize the Bathroom

One of the most common and expensive home renovations that many homeowners endure at least once is the bathroom renovation. Since bathrooms can get dirty and dingy in a short period of time, many people just toss money down the drain (pun intended) to elevate this area’s look. Not only this but losing a bathroom for a long time period while a renovation is being completed is a total pain. For starters, we recommend performing a thorough cleaning. Obviously, this isn’t a ton of fun, but it pays off every single time. Following this, find some of the more outdated elements and get rid of them. These elements could be knobs, light fixtures, faucets, or more. Simply changing out one or two of these areas can go so far. Adding a fresh coat of paint can also do wonders! Without tearing out a single cabinet or sink, it is possible to make an older bathroom feel and look like new.

Bye-Bye, Formal Dining Room

As we mentioned above, formal dining rooms are becoming obsolete. Let’s dive into it a little bit more.  At-home meals are becoming more casual and this is resulting in more people eating in the kitchen or perhaps on a coffee table in front of a television. Now, this question arises, “What am I going to do with this empty room? Should I tear down the walls to make more space?” No need!

When it comes to the value of your property and the happiness that it brings you, we only believe in the best at Twist Tours. We LOVE it when people are happy with their home and can fully enjoy it. Right now, since everyone is at home more than they would like, there’s no better time to make some exciting enhancements that are cost-effective and valuable! Put an end to walking into a space wishing you hadn’t entered or stressing out by hiring a contractor that takes too long. Many of the projects that we listed don’t even require expert knowledge of power tools or too much time! All you need is a few spare hours and the desire to do the little things to make your home look its best.

As the old saying goes, “beauty is found in the details,” so consider them when you feel that a room in your house feels bleak. We know you have what it takes to turn drab into fab and hope that these ideas spark your next at-home project!

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