VIP Treatment

Upgrade Time! 10 Ways to Give Your House Sale the VIP Treatment

Don’t you just love an upgrade? Getting bumped up to first class on a flight. Arriving at the hotel expecting a classic room but getting a suite. Upgrades are what make an experience extra special. Just when you think you’re having a fun time – boom!– it goes up a gear. And if there’s an upgrade up for grabs, we’re first in line.

When it comes to maximizing the real estate marketing experience, we say yes, Queen. Like a lot of things in life, more is more. Selling your home is all about showcasing it at its peak, so why not give it the very best chance of success? After all, the better your home is received in the market, the faster and stronger the offers roll in, and well… cha-ching!

When it comes to real estate marketing, choosing some important add-ons is a win-win. You’re already getting experienced, passionate photographers and state-of-the-art digital equipment, but now you’re getting a sprinkle of glitter on top.

So, if you’re ready to go for it and give your home sale the VIP treatment, let’s look at the upgrade options available to you.

Twilight photography
There’s a little bit of magic in this one: we take photographs at twilight to create crazy gorgeous imagery of your stunning home. We also offer a virtual twilight upgrade with different sky options. Wait ‘til you see the dramatic sky effect. The before and after shots will blow your mind.

Rush or Priority Processing
Celebrities don’t wait in line, so why should your listing? We can get your beautiful photos to you the same day by 7 pm (rush) or by 9 am the following day (priority). No problemo.

Floor Plan Upload/ Clean-up
We can take a floor plan from an appraisal, sketch, or architect/ builder plan and create a 2-D printable floorplan and an enhanced 3D floor plan model for a virtual tour. Impressive stuff.

Neighborhood Amenity ShootYou live in a great area, so why not highlight all of the cool hot spots that your community has to offer? If location is everything in real estate, then this upgrade is essential.

Custom Video
Just like a rockstar needs a music video, your home needs a unique HD video. We make custom branded or unbranded videos using a mix of photos, floor plans, artist’s renders, 3D plans, video effects, and music. Leather pants and rockstar hairdos are optional.

Matterport Video
We take the Matterport walkthrough from your 3D Walkthrough Tour order and then enhance it with floorplan overlays, giving buyers a complete virtual tour experience. These downloaded videos or links can be added to emails and social media. Now that’s what we call an upgrade! This is a fabulous alternative to an interior video shoot!

Social Media Clips
Like all the best listings, your home should be visible on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. That’s all possible with our 30 to 60-second videos, formatted for social media. 2D and 3D floorplans can also be included.

Floor Plan Upgrades
Does your floor plan need a little extra love? Maybe some color to designate major living areas. Or what about some extra kitchen and bath details to really make your listing pop? Not enough? How about a 3D version complete with flooring and furniture? You can never go wrong with this fabulous add-on.

Virtual Staging
MTV Cribs eat your heart out, because virtual staging turns a home into a super cool, desirable space, allowing buyers to see it tastefully furnished. It’ll be natural and realistic, with a huge selection of furniture. A premium design collection is also available. Reach out after you receive your fab photos to learn more about this popular add-on!

Portfolio Upgrade

Talk about giving your home the best shot! The portfolio upgrade allows you additional time on site, specialized shooting style, and custom editing. It’s ideal for showing off special features and helping your beautiful home to stand out. We highly recommend this add-on for short-term rentals, designer and builder portfolio shoots, as well as luxury listings. 

Bonus Package

Choosing add-ons means that your home sale is not just going to go well, it’s going to break the sound barrier. When you upgrade, you can expect:

  • Your listing will be elevated, standing out from the crowd in today’s crowded market. Buyers will be impressed.
  • Unique features of your home will be highlighted. 
  • Your home will close faster and achieve a higher price

So, are you feeling just a little bit bougie? Admit it, upgrading is tempting.

VIP Access Only

Ever wondered what’s beyond the beefy security guys and behind the velvet rope? Our upgrades are like the ‘access all areas backstage passes’ of the real estate marketing world. Let’s get your home into the VIP section, spray it with champagne, and declare it a total success. Well, skip the champagne, we don’t want your floors sticky when the hordes of buyers stampede through it.

Your home is a celebrity, and it’s gonna leave the other homes in the dust. With add-ons, you enhance your order. We can add certain services as a custom charge, so talk to our friendly and helpful team when we confirm your order.

At Twist Tours, we’re all about premium real estate photography, virtual tours, floor plans, 3D spaces, videography, and aerial services. Real estate marketing is what we live for.

Get in touch to see how we can give you the VIP treatment.