Get the Light Right!

Let There Be Light: Getting It Right With Interior Lighting 

Raise your hand if you, or anyone close to you, has ever been the victim of unflattering, harsh lighting? We’re talking about the kind of lighting that showed every crack and flaw. Fluorescent lighting, in particular, comes to mind. 

If you can relate, we know you know the importance of good lighting. From selfies to home design good lighting is essential. So, when we talk about capturing your home in the best light, we mean that quite literally! 

You see, lighting and mood go hand in hand. It’s all about ambiance, mon Cheri. Setting the scene, and all that. Good vibes only, right?

Now, if you’re keen to get the lighting just right in your home, listen up. You’re about to get a masterclass in interior lighting, and it’s going to blow your mind. But before you start to worry about the time and cost, or which kind to choose, let us reassure you. There are simple, cost-effective lighting changes that can make a massive impact.

So, let’s shine some light (see what we did there?) on how to light your home like a pro.

Light it up

Cool? Warm? Bright? Dim? It can be daunting when choosing the lighting for your home, and with so many LED products to choose from, you may be afraid to make a mistake. Hey, we’ve got your back – let’s look at the 3 golden rules when choosing interior lighting.

  1. Interior colors

The colors in your home play a part in what kind of lighting suits. Think about the color of your walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture – are they dark or bright? 

If you’ve got plenty of cool colors in the home such as grey, blue, or green then a cool LED is going to compliment them best.

On the other hand, if your home features a lot of warm tones, natural materials such as hardwood floors, ceiling beams, wooden cabinets, or furniture, a warmer white LED is going to look just right. 

Got it? Excellent. Next!

  1. Style of the home

What style best describes your home? Would you say your home is more modern with sleek, minimalist lines? If so, cool lighting is your best bet. This gives a brighter, cleaner feel.

Or would you say your home is more traditional – wooden or shaker style kitchen, or more classic furniture? If so, warmer lighting is the way to go to create a softer, cozier, or more romantic feel.

No rocket science so far, right?

  1. Room Function

Something else to consider when choosing lighting is what takes place in each room since the lighting needs are different for restful versus active rooms. 

For bedrooms, you need subtle, soothing lighting that promotes rest and relaxation. Go for low, warm lighting here and avoid bright, harsh lighting 

For bathrooms, you want cool, bright lighting. 

For living spaces such as dens or TV rooms, this is where we relax and entertain. We need lower lighting here that is good for watching TV and winding down in the evening. If additional lighting is desired, strategically placed lamps can be turned on or off as more – or less – lighting is needed. 

In dining spaces, this is where we have family chats, entertain, or dial up the romance. Again, we want more atmospheric, inviting, mood lighting. But watch it, Romeo, we don’t want it so dim that we can’t see what’s on our plates!

Our kitchen lighting should be bright and functional. This allows us to focus on tasks and see clearly to prep food or read recipes, but not necessarily the same white balance or brightness as your bathroom lighting. 

You want to be able to read those documents and write those reports without straining to see, so home offices also need bright, functional lighting. 

  1. Color temperatures

Take a minute to consider the color of the bulbs you choose. If science class seems like a long time ago, allow us to refresh your memory: brightness is measured in Kelvins. 

Here’s a cheat sheet for the next time you’re in the home improvement section:

  • soft white = cozy, warm, yellow. Use in: bedrooms and living spaces or lamps.
  • warm white = relaxation, yellow/white. Use in: bathrooms
  • bright white = energy, bright, blue/white. Use in: kitchens, offices, home gyms

Hey, we’re getting the hang of this.

Lighting the way towards a beautiful home

Because you’ve been such great company, here are some pro tips for our fav peeps:

#1 Adapt! Remember, our lighting needs to change as we cross from day to evening, so dimmers are a great choice since they give us control. 

#2 Keep it consistent! Use the same color temperature lighting throughout the room.

So, if you’re inspired to upgrade the lighting in your home to truly capture its beauty, then we say light it up, baby.

You’ll have to excuse our enthusiasm. Our team gets excited about all things interior because every day we see beautiful homes, and we love to showcase them at their best.

When your home is ready for its close-up, talk to us about premium real estate photography, virtual tours, floor plans, 3D spaces, videography, or aerial services. Get in touch to learn how we can help you to elevate your listing, highlight unique features, make your home stand out from the crowd in a competitive market, impress potential buyers and sellers, and help you close deals faster and at a higher price. 

Wow, the future is looking bright.