The Future is Virtual!

Virtual Staging: Welcome to the Future of Selling Homes 

OK, so we’ve all heard of traditional staging, right? A staging expert enters the home that’s for sale and does an assessment of what is needed to shift this house from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’.   But not everyone has the budget to go that route.

Virtual staging is a cost effective alternative and although it doesn’t replace the in-person visual of actual furniture and design elements, it can be a real value in helping buyers understand layout and concept of how they can live in the home.

What’s virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a type of home staging where interior design is created using a graphic editor. The goal is to create highly realistic (and highly fabulous) images that flatter the property and boost that sale.  

Buckle up because the benefits of virtual staging are going to blow you away. Let’s get started.

  1. It sparks imagination

Buyers can sometimes struggle to imagine the potential that a vacant home has, and that’s okay! Virtual staging is a helpful visual tool for those who may find it difficult to picture the layout of a room. It can also inject personality, scale, color, and help bring the home to life! Virtual Staging allows buyers to envision themselves in the home while providing standard layouts for each room. Then they will be able to appreciate the potential wrapped up in your beautiful home. We see it, and so will your buyer. 

  1. It makes things oh, so pretty

Buying a home is like falling in love: it’s emotionally driven. If a buyer isn’t excited, then hey, no deal. 

Things to Remember: 1: buyers are visual, but may need the help of marketing tools from the seller’s end: photography and home tours being first and foremost – staging in a house being the icing on the visual cake, 2: buyers like personality. They want a house with character. Showing a buyer a house that’s not tasteful, is empty, or clearly needs a makeover is like the dating equivalent of boring conversation: next!

Virtual staging has you covered. Stunning furniture. Interesting art. Tasteful décor. Eye-catching light fixtures. Memorable kitchens. Stylish master bedrooms. Your home is showcased at its full potential, and it’s going to stand out from the crowd.

Browse the sample gallery and you’ll see rooms that’ll make you go Woah! As for the before and after shots? You’ll think that a fairy Godmother came to visit. Psst! It was just us, sprinkling our magic. Because that’s just what we do.  

  1. It saves money

Virtual staging costs far less than traditional staging, in fact, let’s do a little cost analysis to prove that point. 

Costs of traditional staging stack up pretty fast. Imagine you’ve just been handed a bill. Brace yourself, now.

Painting and DIY $200-$700

Monthly storage fee for clutter to depersonalize $300

Stager initial design consultation $300-600

Monthly cost per staged room $500-600



OK, you have to invest in a home to sell it.  Add more if you’re not using your current furniture, if the house is vacant and needs many items, or if extras such as accessories and flowers are needed.

Now, you’ll be glad to hear that virtual staging is much more cost-effective. It’s only $45 per image. 

Read that again if you need to. 

Our quality focuses on natural and realistic rendering with shadows and light sources, and we have a huge furniture library to choose from. There’s a premium design collection from the online catalog, and minor corrections are free of charge. 

Your home is going to look like a million dollars, but without breaking the bank

  1. It makes money

Using virtual staging will drive up the sale price of your house. Research proves that houses that are staged sell for around 20% more than those that are not.

Because virtual staging lures buyers into paying more for the home, you’ll get a return on your investment. 

  1. It’s convenient

Trying to get a house ready for a sale is inconvenient, whether you’re the one removing and replacing furniture and painting walls or whether you hired someone. 

The convenience of virtual staging means that you simply browse the gallery and chat with our skilled and creative team about what you’d like. Leave the rest to us.

  1. It saves time

Traditional staging is a time drain. Make an appointment with the stager whose calendar may be full, follow up on recommendations, buy the paint, wait in line for the furniture in use at another house, and send the clutter into storage.

Virtual staging is fast, effective, and offers a quick turnaround: we’re talking 48 hours (except for Sundays when we dream about photographing beautiful houses).

  1. It speeds up sales

Virtual staging leads to a faster house sale. Pack your bags because your house is not going to be on the market long.

Evidence shows that staging a home allows it to sell 88% faster than those that are not staged.

I mean, we can’t argue with that math.

Let’s get started

We can’t wait to discuss the virtual staging options for your home, and we’re excited to get started. Our enthusiastic and professional staff can guide and advise you. Get in touch to learn more.

The future is bright, baby. The future is virtual.