Interior Design 2022 Trends

The Top Interior Trends for 2022
As 2021 moves through its final quarter and 2022 looms on the horizon, it’s a great time to check out what interior design trends are predicted and how we can incorporate them into our homes.
Now, as you know, our team at Twist Tours has quite an appreciation for interior design. It’s no surprise, really. We’re surrounded by stunning, on-trend houses day after day. We’ve learned what works well in a home and how to make it stand apart from the rest.
From compact condos to sprawling ranches, we believe in getting the most from your home and keeping your finger on the pulse of interior design. So, let’s take a peek into our crystal ball here and see what’s hot for homes in ‘22.

Now is not a time to be shy, folks. Reach for sensational style with maximum personality. It’s time to go big, be memorable, and stand apart. Maximalism is all about bold, interesting, expressive, free-spirited, creative, brave choices. This style will speak to those who are fans of Bloomsbury artists, and those who enjoy statement pieces, mixing patterns, and those who can inject large scale wall décor next to small scale decorative layers.
And hey, this louder, braver new interior world doesn’t end there. Watch for the combination of the two classic patterns: checks and stripes. This mix and match look will feature in wallpaper, cushions, and throws, in bedrooms and living spaces.
Pretty wild, right? Go for it!

Extreme minimalism
In sharp contrast to the extrovert, extreme maximalism is her sister: minimalism. She represents a much quieter, cleaner, calmer interior look.
Extreme minimalism takes the classic minimalism and goes a step further. It’s all about decluttering anything busy, unnecessary, or unwanted. To achieve this look, you’ll need to examine the purpose of the space and then purge, baby, purge! It’s all to do with cutting it back to what’s important and needed, then removing everything else.
We’ve got a theory on this one. The pandemic meant that we were home more, using our homes for not just resting and eating but also work and even education. Rooms became multifunctional, and during such a difficult time, many of us accumulated clutter. The extreme minimalist look has a soothing effect as it helps us to achieve balance, organization, and peace. And who doesn’t need that, these days?

We’re pleased to see that sustainability wasn’t just a fad in 2021. Instead, sustainability is growing in importance, and it looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. And that’s a good thing. After all, a focus on the environment and our planet is key.
Sustainability means a move away from perfection, uniformity, and a polished look. It’s all about styling individuality and uniqueness by creating a curated collection. Think rustic and imperfect, with a focus on natural and recycled materials such as reclaimed wood, glass, plastic, cork, and granite.
You can achieve this look by showing off the grain and texture of wood and important details such as exposed beams or original floorboards.

Bye-bye Gray
Don’t get us wrong, we love gray as a neutral color choice. We see it everywhere we go in kitchen cabinets, walls, furniture, bedding, and living spaces. However, what goes up must come down, and the reign of gray is coming to an end.
So, what color will take the top place? Well, as cool gray takes a bow, we can officially confirm that bolder décor is emerging and with it! Greens are creeping in like the flora they remind us of, and we will no doubt come across olive tones and warm greens, as well as jewel tones in 2022.
Now, top paint companies such as Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams are all in agreement when it comes to the color for ‘22: gray-green. This color is dedicated to balance and harmony and is a nod to colors found in nature. Keep your eyes peeled for shades like Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495, described as “a gently shaded sage that quietly anchors while encouraging creative expression through color.”
Doesn’t that sound sophisticated? Form an orderly line…

Curves to Swoon At
It’s predicted that in 2022, sculptural furniture and accessories will be a big hit as we move away from sharp edges and modern lines. Pieces that boast a shapely, curved figure displayed in a quiet, neutral space are sure to elevate the home.
A stylish, curved stylish piece of furniture can create a dramatic look. A curved ceramic piece placed at a window makes a statement that draws the eye to something beautiful. A curved sculpture in the garden grabs the attention with something elegant to admire.
So, show off those curves in 2022.

Oh, how we longed to spread our wings this year and last year. How we pined for exotic, distant shores and the excitement of travel. This can be seen in our home trends, with wall murals, eye-catching, bold, bright, inviting colors, playful scenes, and global inspirations. Think safari scenes, lush floral vegetation, and the glistening sea.
Our interiors will reflect our love of freedom in 2022, and we say it’s something to uplift us and to be celebrated.

Tap into Style, then Shine the Spotlight
At Twist Tours, we see the potential in each and every home and love nothing more than showcasing it at its very best. We help others to see the beauty in your home and how it stands out from the rest.

We believe that keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s trending in the interior design realm will give you that edge when selling. So, once you are done putting the fabulous new touches on your home with a fresh coat of gray-green and purged your closets, let’s talk about presenting it to the world! We’ve got the dedication, the skills, and the best technology to shine the spotlight on your home. You’ll be amazed at how brightly it shines.