Portfolio Upgrade

Portfolio Upgrades: Your Home Deserves the Best Shot

Some homes are special. Some homes are unusual. Some homes are memorable for all the right reasons. Those are the homes that deserve a little something extra.

Now, we all know that homes listed with quality real estate photos sell quicker and for more money. That’s simply because buyers tend to be visual and spend more time browsing images of homes compared to descriptions of homes. We also know that in the current climate, fewer people visit homes in person and start their search online.

Zillow revealed that 79% of recent home buyers shopped online to find their home, and almost half of buyers said that viewing professional photos was extremely or very important to their home buying process.

Right, so what can we take from this? Your real estate photos have never been more important when it comes to selling your home. Stunning, quality real estate photographs are essential to the success of the sale.


What’s the difference?

OK, so you may be wondering what the difference is between real estate photography and portfolio/ design photography. Fair question. 

Our photo packages are built with the right amount of photos to capture standard real estate angles, and they include a specific amount of time on site. They capture your property as a whole.


If you add on the portfolio upgrade for only $100, you’ll receive additional architectural, vignette, and lifestyle shots, plus added time-on-site and custom editing.  

It’s the difference that will help your listing to go beyond the standard and become a real estate success story.

Standing out from the crowd

We want to capture your home at its optimum beauty. When you go for a portfolio upgrade, you’ll get striking photos that are worthy of the cover of a glossy home magazine. 

Let’s think about your home for a moment. What is it about your home that makes it different? How does it stand apart from the many other homes for sale in today’s market? What makes your property memorable? Perhaps you have an oversized window, an unusual fireplace, an on-trend kitchen that has been recently updated, a bespoke bookshelf, a winding staircase, or a custom-built wine fridge.

Zillow research found that certain features highlighted in real estate photos earned sellers a 29% higher sale price. These include steam showers, professional appliances, pizza ovens, solar panels, shed/ loft/garage/studio, and sub-zero fridges. It was also found that highlighting any notable views such as water, mountains, or cityscape vistas made a huge difference in boosting the sale. The same goes for any architectural details such as wainscotting, exposed beams, or intricate tile work.

So, folks, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Whatever it is about your home that makes it oh-so-special, let’s properly showcase it and excite the buyer. We want to make them think “none of the other houses we saw have that.” We want them to imagine what it would be like to entertain in that space or picture themselves reading a book when the light is streaming in as they saw in that photo

Does it make a difference to upgrade?

It sure does. From a buyer’s point of view, if a home is staged and its selling points are highlighted with quality images, it truly helps the listing to fly.

According to Realty Biz News, architectural or vignette photography helps sell homes by doing the following impressive things:

  1. It highlights the unique features of the home
  2. It makes a crucial first impression with the most visually pleasing images
  3. It helps the home get more social media shares and views, increasing its exposure. 

A Portfolio upgrade boosts the sale of a home even more than standard real estate photography. So, think flattering angles. Think expert lighting. Think professional editing. Think defining the elements of luxury. Think upgrade to architectural, lifestyle, and vignette shots.

Your home is ready for its close up

Bring the story of your home to life and get ready for its next chapter. From bright, specious interior shots to romantic twilight images, we can give your home the attention it deserves. 

Our team is proud to work with some incredibly cool clients – architects, interior designers, staging companies, vacation rental companies, and homeowners with incredible style. You’ll be amazed at how epic your home is going to look.

Your home has something extra, so let’s take that extra step to help it on its journey towards a buyer by investing in a portfolio upgrade. As industry leaders, your home is in the best possible hands. 

Get in touch to learn more about a portfolio upgrade, and how it will be the best investment you ever make. 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?