Don’t Forget to Capture the Beauty of Your Neighborhood!

Decide to sell your home: check

Choose a trustworthy realtor to assist you: check

Bring in professional photographers to obtain stellar images of your home: check

Document your surrounding neighborhood: …check-ish?

When selling, truly having stunning photographs of your property is so important, especially since so many people are purchasing their home based on online searches. The average age of first-time buyers in 2017 was 32, young enough for those people to be all over the internet and on social media, where beautiful luxury listings thrive. Those hunting for the perfect residence love having the opportunity to visualize themselves in their potential new home, which is easier to do with clear photographs and virtual tours.

Now, these tools take care of the interior of your home and some of the exterior, but what about the neighborhood that your home is located in? Are your neighbor’s homes in good condition? Is your home near a lake or river? Is the house on a busy street? Are the schools close? These are the questions that buyers don’t just want to know the answer to – they need to know the answer. Here’s what we do to show off what your neighborhood has to offer!

Aerial Photography

Do you ever wish that you were a bird so that you could really see what your neighborhood looks like from up above? You could cruise up and down the blocks, hunt for inspiration, and actually see how close you are to that lake you’ve walked to a few times from your current residence. With aerial photography, you will have the opportunity to actually see what a bird would see. You can see how well-kept your neighbors keep their homes, how quaint and peaceful your neighborhood is, and how that lake you have walked to is only an eighth of a mile away, which is exciting knowledge for those that love swimming and fishing in the summer. With aerial photography, you instantly gain a new, more interesting way to see your home, which is great for potential buyers. Keep in mind, a beautiful home is great, but a beautiful home in a phenomenal neighborhood is even better, especially in the eyes of a family or first-time buyer looking to move into a nicer location. Our elite team at Twist Tours is here to assist you when it comes to getting the absolute best images of your property and neighborhood from up above!

Aerial Videography

Images of a property from up above look marvelous. Videos look even better! An expert drone pilot is capable of taking off directly from your front yard and flying up a few hundred feet to show exactly where your home is located in one singular shot. If you have ever witnessed a drone capturing aspects of a home or neighborhood, you know how spectacular they look. The drone can soar all around your home so that potential buyers can see the neighborhood from every angle. Once the flight is over, the video taken by one of our expert pilots can be uploaded to your website so that potential buyers can see it, in addition to photographs, which are a must. Though these aerial videos assist massively in selling, they are also a ton of fun to watch. Don’t believe us? Check out one of our recent aerial videography shoots here.

After our friendly team takes photographs of your home, we also have a service whereby we capture your neighborhood amenities such as a clubhouse, pool and walking trails! At Twist Tours, we truly love what we do and look forward to utilizing our experience, knowledge, and talent to assist you! To keep up-to-date on the ever-changing world of real estate marketing, follow our blog!