Boost Your Marketing with our Add-On Services!

Real estate agents in today’s competitive market know the importance of professional photography and videography content. When done properly, professional photos can help your listings close in record time and for more money.

In today’s media-saturated world, having visuals and information about your listings available online is no longer a recommendation, it is a necessity. 

When agents and brokers come to us looking to book a shoot, it is our job to make sure that they get the most out of what we offer. We want to make sure you know about all of our products!


What Additional Products Are Available? 

Sometimes your listings need more attention than just professional photos and when they do need more attention, Twist Tours has your back!  We offer specific add ons for every shoot. Our add ons include Floor Plans, Portfolio Shots, Twilight Photo Shoots, Social Media Video Clips, Custom Video, Aerial Photography and Videography, and Virtual Staging. 

We offer these add on features so agents have more marketing materials to help spread the word about their listings and increase their online presence.


Portfolio Upgrade: 

Let the details speak for themselves! The more high-quality photos you can provide for your listings the better. We are visual creatures, the more details that can be photographed, the more potential buyers will have to help make a decision. Twist Tour’s Portfolio Add On allows our professional photographers to display the perfect balance between creativity and attention to detail.


Utilizing The Power of Social Media with Social Media Clips:

Social Media is one of the biggest marketing platforms available right now. You definitely don’t have to be a social media influencer to make Real Estate Marketing happen! With our newest addition to our product offerings we can create social media video clips for your listings. This is a fast and easy way to add value and to reach out to potential buyers who are scrolling through their news feed. 

Buyers are now shopping on social media! Though you might not be getting offers on listings right from your Instagram profile, potential buyers are constantly taking to social media for information. As a real estate agent or a broker, displaying your listings using Twist Tours Social Media Video Clip add on can help to spread the word to more people, plus it will help create the top of mind awareness to help encourage others to reach out to you in the future to real estate advice and available listings. The upside is endless! 


Floor Plans

If you didn’t read February’s blog about the importance of floor plans, you really missed out! Floor plans help show potential buyers how they can live in a space. Buyers love floor plans. They help listings stand out from the crowd. They can generate more inquiries, and convert those into viewings.


Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging photos take listing a step further by providing an in-depth look at how your listing can turn from a house to a home with the help of some interior design. Virtual staging helps a listing stand out and presents a home’s true possibilities. Buyers can envision their life in the home with virtual staging – it has the potential to connect them emotionally to the listing.


Twilight Photo Shoots

Bring the drama! Our Twilight add-on feature is the perfect way to upgrade and enhance your listing.  Twilight photographs stir emotions and make a connection with buyers. They also allow you to showcase your listings in a new, differently lit way. Set your listing apart from others with this premium add-on.


Custom Video

Increase your listing’s online presence AND bring awareness to your personal brand! An upgrade from our included slideshow video, we hand-craft a 2 minute HD-sized custom slideshow video for the tour with agent branding, photos, floor plans, Matterport clips (if applicable), artistic photo render effects and custom music. You also get an unbranded video for the tour, full use rights to use anywhere and the Social Media Video (also sold separately above) for use on Instagram and other sites.  


Aerial Photography and Videography

 Drones are transforming real estate. Drones can showcase properties from the sky,  and this is quickly becoming an industry standard. Aerial imagery and videography has been proven to sell listings faster. According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images. By marketing your listings with aerial images and video, you can attract more attention and sell your properties faster!


Marketing Center

Each tour comes with a robust Marketing Center that grants you access to marketing materials for you to use to boost awareness of your listings.  The Marketing Center contains it ALL: web links to your Tours and Video Tours, buttons for downloadable content, such as photos, your flyer or various file formats for your floor plans, and it includes quick access to xpressdocs so you can print your marketing flyers and brochures.  

We at Twist Tours are invested in your success and offer ALL the tools and resources for you to market both your listings and YOU!