3D Walkthroughs: Why They are Better Than Interior Video

3D Walkthroughs vs. Interior Videos 

It’s incredible how many digital tools are at our fingertips these days when it comes to the real estate industry. In particular, the growth of interior video marketing in the real estate sector has been overshadowed by a newer, shinier marketing tool: the 3D Walkthrough.

Now seen as the ultimate marketing tool in the property market, 3D Walkthroughs are loved by buyers, sellers, and agents. That’s because it’s a bespoke digital product that creates a truly immersive experience.

We take a closer look at 8 reasons why many people are choosing 3D Walkthroughs over interior videos, and we explore why the 3D Walkthrough is a top digital property marketing tool.

  1. Emotional connection

We all know that home is where the heart is, so it’s no wonder that buying a home is an emotional journey. There’s an instant connection that buyers get from high-value content such as 3D walkthroughs. Instantly, they can picture which bedroom their child will sleep in, and debate where the dining table should go. When you visualize yourself in a home, you make an emotional connection.

  1. Visualize the Space

Compared with internal video, a 3D Walkthrough results in a far greater understanding of the layout, flow, and feel of the property for potential buyers. It’s fully immersive, so you feel like you’re really there, rather than having to watch a video just to go backwards and forwards to get to points of interest – or even worse, waiting for it to buffer. Matterport tours are immersive and interactive, allowing the viewer to control the experience with a few clicks and navigate their own way through the home at their own pace, whereas video is flat. With Matterport tours, they’re in control, so they can view at any angle and decide where to focus their attention and explore where they want, rather than just pressing play on a video. For example, if you want to linger on the kitchen tiles or zoom in on countertops, you can do just that. The end result is a better understanding of the home that’s under consideration, and a better-informed buyer. 

  1. Top presentation

When you present a home to the world, you want to give it the best opportunity possible to really shine. A high-quality 3D Walkthrough allows you to showcase a listing at its very best. Polished, professional presentations generate confidence in the potential buyer. They can see that top resources have been put into this house because it’s worth it. 

  1. Increased conversions

3D Walkthrough is a powerful tool in your marketing plan because it converts more prospects into leads, which turn into sales. By attracting more attention, 3D walkthroughs allow for more conversions than the interior video does. 

  1. Super accessible

We might sound like a broken record, but it’s true! For buyers, there’s nothing more efficient than being able to tour a house remotely. No need to book an in-person viewing and drive to the location just to decide it’s not The One. The 3D Walkthrough means no barriers to remotely viewing a home and no safety concerns, as the property is viewed from the comfort of home. The home can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, any time, and as many times as they like. That means that whether a potential buyer is across the street or across the globe, they can access it. The home is showcased 24/7, casting a wider net. 

  1. Increased engagement

Agents notice that 3D Walkthroughs have led to an increase in engagement among potential buyers. It’s a social media world we live in, and people are likely to share, like, and comment on 3D Walkthroughs, sending links to family and friends to get their valued opinions on what’s likely to be the most important purchase of their lives. Instantly, our nearest and dearest can see exactly what the master bedroom layout looks like, giving the buyer confidence in their decision. Compared with interior video, the target audience is more likely to engage with a 3D Walkthrough. 

  1. Competitive edge

The property selling industry is becoming more and more competitive. 3D Walkthroughs offer a more competitive edge than interior videos that have been around for longer and are less effective in giving the feel of a home. After all, having the latest tool at your disposal shows the client you’re professional and are a player to be taken seriously. Agents know that with the 3D Walkthrough at their disposal, they’re more attractive to buyers and sellers, raising their marketing efforts to new heights.

  1. Happy Sellers

Those who sell their home thanks to the help of 3D Walkthroughs are of course happier with the increased traffic that this tool has created since it has strengthened their sale. This kind of attention and traffic just isn’t achieved to the same degree with interior videos. 

Sellers are also feeling pretty happy about the fact that they cleaned and prepped the property and then presented it at its very best before the 3D Walkthrough was shot, instead of the frustration and exhaustion of staging ahead of every single visit. 

Walkthrough to the future of property marketing

When it comes to property marketing, 3D walkthroughs beat interior video every time. No wonder it’s growing in popularity. 

The statistics say it all. According to property site Zillow, houses that have 3D tours get more attention from prospective buyers in the critical early listing phase. The listings with a 3D Walkthrough simply get more clicks.  In fact, recently it was shown that listing views on Zillow were up 200% when a 3D tour was included! 

These figures make absolute sense to our team at Twist Tours. That’s because the more potential buyers who view the property means the higher the number of possible offers, which in turn means a higher chance of a sale exceeding the listing price. And that, friends, is what we call a good result. 

Elevating your property to the next level and giving clients a whole new way to explore your property has never been so easy. The Twist Tours team knows that 3D Walkthroughs please everyone. Get in touch with our team and visit our website to learn more about 3D walkthroughs, Matterport 3D models, and floorplans. Together, we’ve got the tools to make your listing fly and your home shine.