Wallpaper Trends 2020

It’s 2020, and one thing is for sure: if we’re going to be stuck inside staring at our walls, we might as well enjoy them! Unique and bold wallpaper is a big trend right now: pinterest searches for wallpaper are up 40%. Consumers are looking to change up their scenery, whether it is to create a “wow” factor among potential buyers or to add dimension that creates a cool new Zoom backdrop. Since we have the privilege of photographing some of the most unique  homes in central Texas, we’re sharing a few of our favorite wallpaper trends for your inspiration!

Geometric Prints

Say hello to our first fab trend: geometric prints! The satisfying symmetry and structure has been shown to evoke feelings of security that accompany routine, in this rather “unroutine” time. Bold geometric patterns with bright colors are especially popular in home offices and studios to  help energize and stir up some creativity. These patterns also work great as accent walls to tie a room together. With so many different combinations of shapes and colors, there is sure to be at least a few that truly catches your eye!

Outdoor Inspiration

Nature has always been a muse in home design, but it is even more so now. Consumers are all about wellness in 2020, and beautiful botanical-inspired designs like these create an atmosphere of relaxation 

Floral prints will always be  timeless  for the elegance, whimsy or  movement they bring into any room. Or, if you’re not a fan of repeat  patterns, garden-esque murals make for a show-stopping focal point. Choose the colors and composition wisely though, as they can alter the mood of the room. Consider a sophisticated and muted vintage pattern for a reading nook  or sitting room or a bright wildflower mural to liven up a dining space. Check out our Staging Tips to help you complete the room!

For those who aren’t floral fans, bold, leafy patterns are also trending.  This bold living room is one of our favorite examples we’ve spotted this year! The combination of wallpaper, coordinating accent wall and warm wood textures creates a modern, tropical escape without going too far. With summer vacay season coming to a close, we are all for bringing it home!

Neutral & Textured

This year’s trends are all about celebrating nature; but if botanicals aren’t your thing we recommend earthy tones and natural finishes. Wood, grasscloth, marble, and slate are just a few subtle patterns that will add dimension without overwhelming a room. These are great options for the modern minimalist looking to change it up but not really spice it up. Wall treatments like these are so versatile: they look great in any room, and match just about any  furniture or decor style. We especially love them for a cozy office or zen master bedroom suite. 

If you typically steer clear of bold patterns but still want to make a statement, you can try a textured wallpaper. This unique approach will add visual appeal without distracting the eyes.

Bold Bathrooms

Sometimes the biggest statements are best made in the smallest rooms. Bathrooms are the perfect spot to try out a loud or fun print because it will add style without clutter that additional decor might bring. Also, in the case that you don’t like the pattern, the smallest room just so happens to be the one that is the fastest to remove these prints too. This is your chance to go all-out on animal print, or express your inner art enthusiast – remember, have some FUN! Fair warning: you can overwhelm a small space. If it feels disorienting, you might want to stick with just an accent wall! 

Whether you favor a bold statement  or subtle accent, wallpaper is all about making your space yours. Marrying the right colors, prints, and textures can really enhance the look of the room and evoke the mood you want to feel in there. We are a huge fan of this trend comeback and totally recommend going for it!  If you need help with what colors to use, check out our blog on the Psychology of Color.

Bold choices make great instagram material! If you’re looking for more home trends and inspiration, make sure you check out our blog