The Beauty of Post Processing

As summer draws near, it’s going to be a prime real estate season. The market bounced back to life in the spring and is projected to thrive this summer. Yes, buyers are more likely to hike out to new homes in the gorgeous weather but the way buyers hunt for real estate has changed. Online real estate sites have millions of visitors every month, all searching for their next home. If you notice nearly all real estate sites focus heavily on one thing, stunning photographs. How does this impact your listings? It means you need high-quality, gorgeous photographs of every aspect of your property if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

At Twist Tours, we do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. We are adapting and growing to the changing real estate market. We’ve learned countless times that nothing can attract a potential buyer to your listing like stunning photographs. This is why we put every photo our Twisters take through post processing. Why? Because this allows us to augment each shot for maximum visual appeal. Every sale you make is a win for us which is why we make sure every shot counts.

Our post processing is exactly what you need to take your online listings to the next level.

Enhance Every Shot

As we keep saying, you NEED incredible shots to attract potential buyers. Think of how many pictures you see scrolling through your social media feed. How long does it take you to forget one post? Probably no more than 5 seconds. Instagram and Zillow have mountains of real estate listings which means there’s an urgency for you to have gorgeous shots that stand out. Our post processing allows us to give every shot this extra “wow factor” needed to stand out. We don’t just choose a few shots either, we take care of them all. Let our process be your guide for standing out from the rest.

Create a Gorgeous Exterior

Those buyers just loved the home until they saw the state of the yard. You could have a beautiful interior but it won’t sell the home if the exterior isn’t up to par. Unfortunately, outdoor shoots aren’t as controlled as indoor ones. Weather, lighting, the current season, and other factors can make-or-break an exterior shot. That’s where our process comes in! For just an extra $5 per photo, we can enhance lawn colors, clean outside pavement, and play with the lighting. These effects and processes will truly make your exterior shine. The only thing that captures attention like a killer interior is a breath-taking exterior. Let us show off how incredible your listings are both on the outside and inside.

Perfect Lighting

Nothing can throw a shoot out off like lighting. No matter how amazing a room looks, if the lighting isn’t giving you what you need, results can be less than desirable. But what can you do? No one can control the sun. Luckily, one of the many benefits of post processing is the ability to enhance and play with this crucial aspect. Studies show that people are more likely to show interest in photos with bright lighting than dark ones. Tweaking the light is the perfect way to catch eyes while showing off what makes every room unique.

Sky Replacement

Exterior and interior shots can lose their luster if the weather isn’t cooperating. If only those clouds weren’t mucking up those exterior shots. Don’t worry, our post process allows the sky to become a non-issue. We can replace even the darkest skies with some stunning blue and sunshine. The sky impacts interior shots as well and can leave even the comfiest room looking dreary. Imagine a house with gorgeous front windows. Would they look better with a blue sky or a dark one? We offer this special service for $5 a shot, regardless of its the exterior or the interior. Never worry about a bad sky ruining your photoshoot again!

Contact us today to begin your home’s dream photoshoot. Twist Tours is constantly evolving with the market to ensure we are giving out clients the best services possible. Our Twisters are standing by and would be honored to shoot your property. We love nothing more than perfecting our craft to give you the best possible images of your listing. Our post processing is some of the best in the country and you will love the results, guaranteed. To learn more about Twist Tours and the state of the industry, check out our blog!