2019 Design Trends to Use When Staging Your Home for Sale

How do you make a great first impression with buyers?  Since it is important to make sure a home appeals to any buyer in today’s market, we are here to provide you with a list of some of the biggest interior design trends we’ve seen so far in 2019!


Using the beauty of nature as a resource for home decor has been around for centuries, but is particularly prominent right now. Placing a large-leaf, potted plant in an empty corner or letting a vining plant drape from a shelf are great ways to fill a space without spending a lot of money. But, if you’re not a green-thumb or simply don’t have time for indoor gardening, any local craft store or Ikea will have a great selection of realistic and inexpensive artificial greenery Other nature-inspired decor ideas include:  macrame or woven fiber art, wicker ball centerpieces and live-edge wood tables.

Peach is the New Pink

Known for having a relaxing effect, “Millennial Pink” made massive waves in the world of interior design in 2018. The popularity of this inviting shade of pink most likely evolved from the rose-gold trend of a few years ago. From plushly upholstered furniture and window treatments,  to accent pillows and wall colors – all of the above!  2019 welcomes in the new it-color: Peach! This fresh take on a formerly feminine-only color opens up a lot of unique, warm design options including . We highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and trying this one out. If peach or pink aren’t your thing, here are some other fabulous colors on trend this year.

Be Bold

Wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way. Gone are the dark red, boring, baroque patterns of yester-year; we’re seeing modern florals, bold nature prints, unique geometric patterns, and playful fruits being used for entire rooms, accent walls and even on ceilings! Artists have also hopped on the wallpaper train, creating one-of-a-kind prints that are literally artwork for your walls. The concept of bold walls will always be a classic go-to feature and the modernization of wallpaper is just one more reason to love it.

Unique Light Fixtures

A unique or abstract light fixture can be THE conversation piece of a room. Current trends include brass finishes, natural touches, industrial elements, and organic geometric shapes. In today’s “Shop Local”, Many consumers are actually sourcing their fixtures from local artisans rather than the local hardware store, encouraging other consumers to purchase one-of-a-kind, personal pieces as well. Take it from us, lighting is super important!

We live in an anything-goes society right now, and just because it’s trending doesn’t mean it’s for you (anyone else notice the recent 90’s fashion revival?). But if you’ve got the itch to update a space or need to make some fast changes to get your home on the market:  keep your staging simple! Switch out some knickknacks for house plants, throw down a Peach rug, switch out the crystal chandelier for a funky industrial fixture. If you listing is vacant and there’s no time to stage it, be sure to check out our Virtual Staging options.

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