Virtual Staging – What You Need to Know

Virtual staging is one of the newest revolutionary trends in real estate marketing. What is virtual staging? You take an image of a room and virtually add in different pieces of furniture, decorative accessories, plants and much more. This is amazing technology that can set your listing apart from other empty houses.

The majority of home buyers from all demographics are searching for their dream home on sites such as Zillow and Instagram. High-quality pictures can make or break a sale, which is why you NEED to know about virtual staging. It’s not enough to have amazing shots of a home, especially if it’s going to be mostly empty space. How long will someone look at a listing of an empty property? You need to make your listing look like a home, which is exactly what virtual staging allows you to do.

Empty homes – are they truly a blank canvas ready for a Buyer’s imagination? 

Buyers are incredibly overwhelmed with the many moving parts of buying a house.  And seeing multiple houses in a row, over several weeks or months is draining – we can’t assume they’ll be able to tap into their imagination envisioning how they will live in an empty home. Virtual staging helps eliminate that issue by showing them exactly what you want them to see:  their dream home!  Virtual staging allows you to show what each space can be once it’s moved into. Have a beautiful family room? Add couches and chairs to show off how cozy it can be. Does the home have a finished basement? Why not turn it into a recreation room complete with a pool table and entertainment center. Dining space seems small when empty?  Add in the 6 seat dining set you know will fit. 

Guiding buyers visually by seeing how furniture fits virtually can help them make a faster buying decision!

Inspire Buyers to See How they can live in a home

What could be better than showing off how great a home looks through virtual staging? Showing potential buyers what it will look like when they move in. Check out our virtual staging catalogue to see all of the staging options we offer and some of our Before and Afters!

Order our 360 Walkthrough Tour and a buyer can use your virtually staged photos to inspire them to plan, edit and visualize their spaces by utilizing our 2D or 3D Room Planner tool to experiment with changing flooring, wall colors or even seeing what an open concept might look like with the click of a few buttons.

We are the ONLY company in the entire United States to provide this tool to our clients!

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