The Advantages of Using Aerial Photography when Selling a Home

Show off the unique qualities of your home that can only be seen from up above.

*Buzz buzz buzz*

Do you hear that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Possibly even a UFO? Nope! It is a drone taking spectacular photos and videos of one of the stunning homes in your neighborhood!

From showing the entire homeowner’s property to the surrounding neighborhood, aerial photography is so useful! When it comes to buying a home, selling a home, or even just getting great shots for a house tour, there is nothing quite like having the opportunity to visualize real estate from up above. Many real estate agents spend time focusing on the interior of a property with images and capturing the perfect angle, however, a home has much more to offer than the standard living room, dining room, and bedroom. Prospective buyers love having the opportunity to see where their property is located. At Twist Tours, we absolutely love taking advantage of the ability to utilize our aerial photography team to capture the beauty of homes in Texas!

On social media and other digital platforms, video content is extremely important for setting your content apart from others, so what could possibly be better than a video that shows what your potential property looks like from up above, in front, and the entire backyard too?  The more ways you can differentiate your property in the competitive world of real estate the better.

Gain a leg up on the competition

When selling a property with tons of land, aerial photographs are even more important. They allow potential buyers to see more of the property than they ever imagined and elevated shots give them a crisp view of the home’s layout. Both of these qualities are complete game changers. When selling a home, it is so important for the agent, buyer, and seller to feel as though they are provided with a unique opportunity that ensures they are ahead of the competition.

Believe it or not, but 83% of home sellers prefer to work with an agent using a drone!

Agents can benefit as well

Aside from capturing jaw-dropping images of a property from up above, aerial photography can allow you to capture the layout and features of a home plus various angles as well as property lines, which cannot be accurately appreciated from the ground level. When it comes to capturing a property, standard photography is extremely important, but it can’t capture all of the angles that will enhance the look of the property. With aerial photography, it is possible to create a raised angle of a building, which is a unique view that is sure to put a smile on the face of every potential buyer!

With the assistance of drone photography, estate agents can create images of a property and its proximity to various amenities including lakes, rivers, stores, or even local highways that can properly reflect how simple a potential work commute would be. It is these features that will truly impress a prospective buyer and will peak their interest in the home!

Aerial photography

At Twist Tours, we fully understand the importance of aerial photography for a wide-range of applications and can promise an exceptional service to each and every one of our lovely customers. With our highly experienced team and high-quality equipment, we can provide exquisite images that bring every home to life.

For more information on aerial photography, real estate marketing, or virtual tours, just reach out to our friendly team!