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Staging Tips

Set the Stage to Sell: Helpful Tips & Tricks Home staging is a crucial part of the home selling process. Not only is it important for showings, but it is equally as important for photos. You want potential buyers touring your home to create a mental image of what each room can be for them. […]

Enhance Your Outdoor Appeal

When it comes to selling homes, the first impression is the most important impression! The exterior of a home can give a good indication of the aesthetic and condition of the interior, and improving your curb appeal can add 3-5% to your home value. A poorly maintained exterior can drive away a potential buyer before […]

Home Selling Mistakes

Home Selling Mistakes that You Can Fix! Are your listing photos suffering from poor, drab lighting?  Is the guest room’s clutter making potential buyers shudder? Is the condition of your carpet causing uneasiness? When it comes to marketing homes for sale, we have it down to a science. The Real Estate market is getting busier […]

Boost Your Marketing with our Add-On Services!

Real estate agents in today’s competitive market know the importance of professional photography and videography content. When done properly, professional photos can help your listings close in record time and for more money. In today’s media-saturated world, having visuals and information about your listings available online is no longer a recommendation, it is a necessity.  […]

The Power of Floor Plans

Photos allow potential buyers to picture where they will live. Floor Plans show potential buyers how they will live. We live in a world where photos are not as cut and dry as they used to be. Any photo can be edited to enhance the raw version of reality. However, there is no embellishment when […]

How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot

Are You Ready? Check our detailed Photoshoot Prep Checklist twice and nail your next first impression! Text the word PREPARE to 866-648-0022 to receive our How to Prep sheet   Home selling is as much about psychology as it is about pricing and marketing.  Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in a […]


Do you prefer a city or a small town? In many surrounding Austin and San Antonio neighborhoods, you can find a combination of both! Recent reports show that Millennials are moving to a hipper version of the suburbs, deemed Hipsturbia – populated with good retail, food and recreation outlets, along with solid transit options. First […]

Media Rich Listing Presentations

Visuals are everything, especially in the world of real estate. If you’re looking to seal the deal on a listing with a potential seller, a media rich presentation is your best ally. Captivating visuals that show a home in its best light provides a sense of security to a potential seller that they can trust […]

Using Color to Entice Buyers

Picture this: you’re in the process of staging your home and want to create a specific vibe:  Colorful walls or accents will set your listing apart from others, but sometimes it’s hard to choose a color scheme. This is when it’s time to crack open the books and study psychology— color psychology, that is! Color […]