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Marketing To The Different Alphabet Generations

Why different demographics require different forms of marketing. The new year is here and it is time to get excited! It is sure to be a year filled with new innovations, market changes, and most importantly, a transition in those looking to buy. One effect that is going to have the biggest impact on the […]

Digital Marketing Trends For Real Estate In 2019

How to Take Your Listings to the Next Level in 2019 If you are going to be competitive in 2019, you need to know the digital marketing trends! Things have already moved online to appease two huge markets, Millennials: Gen Y.1 and Gen Y.2. No generation has been online as much as them and now […]

Realtors: Get on Instagram!

As we close out the year and you begin to wonder what you can do to take your online presence to the next level, you may consider elevating your presence on social media. Yes, Facebook is currently the mecca in the world of social media, however, there is another platform that is rapidly growing and […]

Why Realtors Should Care About Zillow

So far in 2018 and what is sure to still be true in 2019, the real estate market has been extremely competitive. There are plenty of truly incredible homes on the market that are just waiting to be shown off on many different real estate platforms. From Trulia to Realtor.com to Zillow to various social […]

Don’t Forget to Capture the Beauty of Your Neighborhood!

Decide to sell your home: check Choose a trustworthy realtor to assist you: check Bring in professional photographers to obtain stellar images of your home: check Document your surrounding neighborhood: …check-ish? When selling, truly having stunning photographs of your property is so important, especially since so many people are purchasing their home based on online […]

The Importance of Lighting in Real Estate Photography

Without even having to ask, you have definitely been a victim of bad lighting. When you are all prepared to take a brilliant photograph of a pet, yourself, or a space in your home and then your camera’s lens is completely overtaken by light so that your photograph ends up being a massive white blur. […]

The Importance of Floor Plans for your Listing

When marketing a home, you may believe that having stunning photographs paired with an elegant description is enough to set yours apart in a competitive real estate market. Despite what you may think, recently completed research shows that floor plans are also at the top of the list for what buyers look for when hunting […]

The Importance of Staging Your Home

Your home may be absolutely flawless in your eyes. It might be your ideal version of stylish, trendy, and have all fancy new upgrades, but unless you are a unique case, your home is not staged. Staging a home for sale is not a brand new concept, but is a practice that has rapidly gained popularity […]