Philip Rogers Jr.

Philip Rogers is a native Mainer and a sometimes powerful wizard. After six years in and around Baltimore studying to become an opera singer, it was time for a change. On February 2nd 2017 at 2:22 am, someone (or something?) in the air conditioning duct of his apartment tapped twice and whispered “Austin, Texas.” By the end of March, the move was complete and the unfathomable tumblers of the great lock had already begun to fall into place; he was on his way.

Words of Praise

The twilight photos turned out amazing! Thanks Philip!

Holly – this was my first time using Philip and just wanted to pass onto him that he did a fantastic job with the photos!! Thank you!

Thanks so much!  Philip was so wonderful, he has a great personality.  My clients enjoyed him as well.  🙂

I am really impressed with Philip and want him for all my shoots!

Phillip rocked the photos today!!! The best listing photos I’ve ever had! So happy with them. Thank you to him for making the house look so great.

Philip has such a great personality and is an awesome photographer.  I will request him every time.

Get To Know Me

How long have you been in the Austin area?
⤜ About 3 years!

Who inspires you (in general / as an artist / your interpretation)?
⤜ David Bowie.

Breakfast Lunch or Dinner?
⤜ Dinner.

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
⤜ Mastodon at Ram’s Head in Baltimore.

When you were a kiddo, what did you really want to be when you grew up?
⤜ A dragon, of course.

Your favorite Austin Eatery // Coffee House // Brewery?
⤜ Hard To choose! Full English is delicious.

Do you have a favorite charity you wish more people knew about?
⤜ I think I’m one of the people who needs to know more.

What’s your hidden talent?
⤜ I can recite most of Shrek from memory, with voices and songs.

What’s your favorite thing about being a photographer?
⤜ Cool camera bags.

Have you ever met anybody famous?
⤜ I haven’t really.

What is your go-to Potluck dish?
⤜  Gorgonzola thumbprint cookies with fig jam

How many states // countries have you visited (or lived in!)?
⤜ I’ve lived in Maine, Maryland, and Texas, but I’ve visited around 10

What’s something that has surprised you about being a real estate photographer?
⤜ What some people consider to be ‘photo ready’

What is one of the top items on your Bucket List?
⤜ Haven’t made one yet

What’s something—big or small—that you’re really bad at?
⤜ Laundry

What’s one hobby you’d love to get into?
⤜ I want to teach my cat to use a human toilet

What’s your most used emoji?
⤜ It’s the wizard

Favorite Shoots