5 Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2018

5 Real Estate Marketing Predictions for 2018

This past year was absolutely full of excitement within the real estate marketing industry. Realtors began to embrace the awesome power of digital technology like never before. Real estate agents started to part ways with the idea that their website was a business card, and saw them venture into new frontiers as they transformed their small impact on the Internet to full-blown marketing masters. Because of this, we believe that having the correct content online is absolutely crucial. High Dynamic Range photography will provide any realtor with jaw-dropping images and Matterport 3D tours will allow a potential buyer to feel as though they are actually in a home.

Our experts at Twist Tours expect 2018 to be even more interesting. We believe that the ever-changing digital landscape will continue to change. We may not have a crystal ball to predict what this year will hold, but here are 5 predictions that we believe will take place in 2018:

Real estate agents will invest in social media

Social media is continuing to grow on a consistent basis online, and realtors are beginning to take notice. Both Facebook and Instagram now allow for agents to create extremely effective and precisely targeted advertising campaigns that will draw in not only sellers but buyers as well. The opportunity for realtors to grow their presence on social media has been available for years, but now it is imperative to get involved.

In addition to getting involved more in social media, we believe that realtors will end up posting small pieces of information all over different social media platforms. They will spend more time focusing on two or three platforms to completely dominate. For this approach, we highly recommend Instagram and Facebook, but LinkedIn also has the potential for growth as the platform continues to enhance its features. We expect that 2018 will be the year that real estate agents will take advantage of social media.

Sellers will be the focus of content creation

In 2018, low inventory levels across the United States and Canada are expected to continue, as builders cannot keep up with the demand. Simple entry-level homes are quickly becoming a challenge to find and the desire for these homes is supremely greater than what is currently available. It is without a doubt a seller’s market.

To use the market to their advantage, realtors are beginning to get creative in order to sway those within their community that the time to sell is now. Convincing buyers with low equity homes that it is the ideal time to sell will be a genius attempt to find new clients and close deals. Do to the identical market constraints, realtors will also need to formulate new and creative ways to target mid to high-end income earners and convince them that they NEED a home upgrade.

Artificial intelligence

One of the greatest and most anticipated ways for real estate agents to improve their marketing with minimal effort is with artificial intelligence (AI). This year, we expect AI to assist realtors in personalizing a users experience while minimizing their workload.

One of the major advantages of artificial intelligence is that it will do what you teach it to do. If you provide a bot with existing knowledge, it can accomplish repetitive tasks that are nothing more than time-consuming. An effective example of this would be to have real estate chat bots that assist people to sort through home listings in order to locate the home of their dreams, naturally obtaining leads along the way.  As this repetitious work is decreased, real estate agents will have more time to focus on important activities.

Immersive technology will set realtors apart

Buyers want to get as close to a potential property as possible without actually being there. As a result, media such as High Dynamic Range photography, Matterport 3D virtual tours, and drone videography are all on the cusp of becoming wildly popular, all of which we offer.

360 photos and virtual reality are already in existence for real estate listings, but we believe that this year is going to be huge in terms of realtors integrating these options on to their websites. These videos do a phenomenal job of allowing potential buyers to get a legitimate feel for a home from afar. Not only is this media cost-effective, but it will also empower buyers to visualize what houses they would want to see in person. This practice will completely eliminate houses that are of no interest to buyers and will allow all involved to optimize their time.

We expect videography to become extremely popular this year. Utilizing videos of a property is a practice that has been used for many years, but many realtors still feel uncomfortable about sharing videos within their communities. This year will be the year that everything changes. From posting live videos of homes on Facebook and Instagram to simple recorded messages, the right video can truly show off the sheer beauty of a home.

The more success realtors have with regard to visual marketing, the more efficient they need to become. In a world where technology is constantly changing, it is important to utilize organizations that are at the forefront of this change so that you can remain ahead of your competition. Immersive media is the absolute most effective answer to the challenge of boosting consumer experiences.

Mobile optimization

Up until recent times, real estate agents have managed with poor website experiences on mobile devices because people were willing to accept mobile websites that were not exactly perfect. Those days are most definitely over with.

Many realtors have broken the shackles of having bad websites and have started to truly enhance the quality of their websites on smartphones. There are many websites now that can operate perfectly on these new phones and can show off the beauty of a home as well, if not better than on a desktop computer. When on the go, an efficiently operating mobile website is extremely important so that potential homebuyers do not need to compromise on using a desktop. As more realtors elevate the quality of their website, the more buyers will cease to accept subpar website experiences.

In a world where technology is constantly changing, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with where the real estate marketing industry is going. At Twist Tours, we pride ourselves on constantly adapting to industry trends and truly believe in offering the best possible home viewing experience as possible. Not only do we believe in offering unparalleled images and videography, but also we believe in providing customer service that reflects how much we care about our products. Our staff rocks and so do our customers!