Andrew Lankes

Andrew grew up in Austin, acting and making short films. He studied film and puppetry at the University of Texas, which led to a two-year career in Los Angeles as a Production Designer. Andrew comes from a family of photographers – his brother Matt is a commercial photographer and their father Tom Lankes shot for over 35 years for the Austin American Statesman.

Words of Praise

The pics are fantastic! Thank you so much and we would like to keep Drew as a preferred photographer. He was extremely patient and helpful so please thank him for us! 🙂

Thanks for the great photos! Drew really composed some nice shots! Appreciate your professionalism and care. Good Job.

PLEASE TELL DREW THIS IS WONDERFUL WORK!! So delighted with the outcome. Please add him as my preferred photographer.

Absolutely love Drew’s pictures and how fast he was able to process them 🙂 I will request for him again in the future!

Drew did a fabulous job at glenwood. freaking awesome. added some stuff that he thought was needed as i wasn’t there so i left it to him to decide. colors and aperture were just dead on. he is cognizant of leaving stuff you don’t want seen in a not perfect house out of the frame. he was badass. thanks again!

Wow! Great job Drew. Beautiful

My sellers are so pleased with the photos. They look beautiful. Will you please thank Drew for me?

Such a nice guy and talented photographer!

Get To Know Me

How long have you been in the Austin area?
⤜ My whole life, except for 2 years I lived in Hollywood.

Who inspires you (in general / as an artist / your interpretation)?
⤜ Truth seekers.

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
⤜ Tom Petty at the Bass Concert Hall.

When you were a kiddo, what did you really want to be when you grew up?
⤜ A major league baseball player.

Your favorite Austin Eatery // Coffee House // Brewery?
⤜ Hopdoddy.

Do you have a favorite charity you wish more people knew about?
⤜ PAWS Elephant Sanctuary in San Andreas, CA.

What’s your hidden talent?
⤜ Puppetry/Animation.

What’s your favorite thing about being a photographer?
⤜ The variety of houses we see, the art of composition, and half the day working from home.

Have you ever met anybody famous?
⤜ My first star sighting in Los Angeles was Mr. T shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. We was wearing a baby blue fishing hat. He gave me a nod and a wink as if to say: “Yeah, it’s me.”

What’s something that has surprised you about being a real estate photographer?
⤜ That realtors work really hard and that they are part psychologists.

What is one of the top items on your Bucket List?
⤜ Finding Forrest Fenn’s Treasure.

What’s something—big or small—that you’re really bad at?
⤜ Singing.

What’s one hobby you’d love to get into?
⤜ Singing.

What’s your most used emoji?
⤜ 😊

Favorite Shoots