Tamara Barboza

Growing up with a licensed real estate broker in New England, Tamara was routinely exposed to what it takes to sell a home.  After working in the IT field for almost 20 years and graduating with a BS in Information Systems, she grew weary of 8 months of daily weather reports that included “… and a chance of snow.”  Her photography career began in film while working at Polaroid in 1999, but the impact of quality presentation in marketing was validated even more when she listed her home in 2015 and moved to Austin with her husband and 2 cats.  Settling here, she pursued her passion at ASOP (Austin School of Photography) while job hunting until her realtor recommended that she promote her skills at Twist Tours and the rest is history.

professional house photographer

Just a few Words Of Praise

I must sing praises for Tamara! She is fabulous. Her demeanor is so pleasant and she has a stellar personality. She did a fantastic job with difficult lighting – fantastic photography! It was very nice to have her in my home.

FANTASTIC!  Absolutely beautiful pictures were the result of Tamara from Twist Tours ATX Photography’s work. 33 pictures which showed the house perfectly were taken for an MLS listing.  She was considerate of the purpose and kept an eye for the perfect shot. With tax it was less than $170 for work done outside Austin city limits. So very well worth it.