Twist Tours COVID Statement

While we all look forward to a world safe from COVID, here are our rules of engagement for providing you with services and products that serve an essential purpose in marketing real estate while keeping our photographers, your sellers and YOU safe:

Access to Homes

  • We kindly request human-free access to homes by code, hidden key, unlocked door etc.
  • If human attendance cannot be avoided, all people must be properly masked and at least 6’ feet away when in the presence of the photographer.  This includes the sellers as they are humans too.
  • While the photographer is working, all humans will stay out of sight. Ideally, they will be outside or leave the house but can also be on another level of the house or in a bedroom until the photographer needs to photograph that area.  If they leave, the photographer can text them when they are done if you would like to supply a phone number.

Your Rules of Engagement:

  • As the person who ordered our service you will ensure that the property we are photographing is ready upon our arrival.  What does this mean?
    • All staging is completed – we do not stage or otherwise touch people’s personal property – other than to turn on lights and adjust blinds – use our How To Prep for a Photo Shoot to assist with this!
    • If humans must be present they know to be properly masked and at least 6’ away when around the photographer and out of sight while the photographer is working.

Our Rules of Engagement:

What Happens when the Rules are Broken:

If the photographer arrives and people refuse to follow the rules of engagement, thereby creating an unsafe environment, the photographer reserves the right to cancel the shoot and there will be a $75 after arrival cancel fee

We are career professionals. Please trust that we can perform the shoot in an expert manner without people in attendance.  All that you need to do is make sure the property is ready for the photo shoot – use our How To Prep for a Photo Shoot to assist with this!

We are here to provide the safest experience for everyone and that means a contactless experience for the photographer, agent, and the seller.  We must be vigilant and follow these simple procedures to keep business moving forward in the Real Estate Industry.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that if you have sellers who are not feeling well to reschedule your appointment for a later date.  This includes anyone with symptoms of fever, chills, cough, and shortness of breath.  This policy remains in place until further notice.