Basheer Khaleel

Basheer was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, and is half Turkish and half Iraqi. He has a masters degree in artistic painting. Coming to Austin from Turkey six years ago, he fulfilled his dream of living in the United States.

He loves pursuing photography as another form of artistic expression, and has a keen eye for interior design. With his warm personality he easily connects with people he’s just met.

In his spare time he takes care of his dog Leo, and his two cats, Vega, and Uggie.

Words of Praise

These are PHENOMENAL!!! Basheer knocked it out of the park! Thank you!!!

Basheer is an awesome photographer!  I couldn’t be more pleased with his photos and my seller is super happy too.

I just wanted to say how fabulous the photographer for this property was. I am going to request Basheer for all my properties going forward!

My client raves about the politeness and awareness in which the photographer used in their home at Sloan yesterday FYI. Please thank Basheer!!

Get To Know Me

How long have you been in the Austin area?
⤜ 6 years now. I had previously lived in Turkey.

Breakfast Lunch or Dinner?
⤜ Breakfast…German apple pancakes are my favorite.

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
⤜ A DJ concert in Miami.

When you were  a kiddo, what did you really want to be when you grew up?
⤜ A singer or artist/painter.

Your favorite Austin Eatery // Coffee House // Brewery?
⤜ Tomodachi Sushi.

What’s your hidden talent?
⤜ Belly dancing.

What’s your favorite thing about being a photographer?
⤜ I love to see how differently people stage their homes.

Have you ever met anybody famous?
⤜ Adele.

What is your go-to Potluck dish?
⤜ Chicken Shawarma.

How many states // countries have you visited (or lived in!)?
⤜ 9 countries and several states.

What is one of the top items on your Bucket List?
⤜ I’d love to see Venice.

What’s something that you’re really bad at?
⤜ Remembering passwords. I’ve made 6 facebook accounts lol.

What’s one hobby you’d love to get into?
⤜ Getting back into painting, teaching, hiking.

What’s your most used emoji?
⤜ Poop emoji and the dancing lady