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Through our exclusive partnership with FloorPlan Online we offer a state-of-the-art order management system and single property websites.

We leverage current technology and give our customers – and buyers – what they truly want in a home search experience:  a real Virtual Tour with a 3D Matterport Model, Professional Real Estate Photos, 2D and 3D Floor Plans, Aerial/ Drone Photos and Video. We are excited to offer this technology at great prices.

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Services - Improvements - FAQ

We have revamped our product offerings including an all inclusive 360 Walk Through Showcase that features FloorPlan Online’s exclusive 2D and 3D floor plan technology.

We have pre-registered many customers. You will receive an email with that information and to reset your password. You may also create a new account here if you weren’t pre-registered.

You still have access to all of your tours/download centers in Tourbuzz

Trip fees are now based on zip codes approximately 25 miles from city center. They will be automatically added to your order. We no longer charge trip fees to Leander and Georgetown (with the exception of 78633 zip)

Inclusive Account, Ordering and Tour Management Portal: With one log-in you will have access to your tours/photo downloads, billing information and invoices

As long as payment is successful, you will receive your photo/tour product the next day by 6pm per our usual process

We have three phone lines to assist you at 866-648-0022:

1 – Sales and Services (product and services information)
2 – Existing Appointments (anything related to already scheduled appointments on the calendar)
3 – Technical Support, Ordering, Account and Billing

There is just one pricing scale for all jobs regardless of usage.

We only charge your credit card after the job is complete.

We have revamped our Use of Photos so we are ACTRIS compliant and protect realtors from copyright infringement when using their listings for company and agent marketing activities, social media and print in perpetuity

After much research, we have decided to part ways with an aging technology: the panorama. With the advent of Matterport 3D Spaces, the experience of standing in one spot and spinning around in a circle is no longer a genuine experience for viewing a house. It is increasingly harder to maintain a solid viewing experience with panoramas on the many different types of mobile devices today – buyers will abandon a virtual tour when they reach a panorama that won’t perform on their device or if it makes them “dizzy”

As a value added service, you have access to FloorPlan Online’s exclusive Home Diary product – HomeDiary.com. HomeDiary was recently recognized by NAR by being selected as one of the top Real Estate Technology Companies in the NARReach Program Class of 2016.

More About Floorplan Online

FloorPlanOnline® created the Interactive FloorPlan Tour over a decade ago to fill the gap in the market created by traditional virtual tour services – namely, the inability to see the property layout before an actual site visit. Our products save the Buyer, the Seller, and the Real Estate Agent valuable time and provide them the top 2 requested content items – big photos and clear, legible floor plans – in a fast loading, easy to navigate interface that can be linked to any website or embedded in a blog, social media or agent/company website.

Because their roots stem from veterans of the real estate and Internet industries, they recognized the needs of the Buyer/Agent could be satisfied using today’s advanced software technology and the Web.

FloorPlanOnline has also created an exclusive Consumer Home Management Tool called HomeDiary.com where buyers can design, manage, document and dream about their home. HomeDiary was recently recognized by NAR by being selected as one of the top Real Estate Technology Companies in the NARReach Program Class of 2016.
More info please visit floorplanonline: www.floorplanonline.com

Staying Relevant

As a small company, Twist Tours relied heavily on 3rd party systems. Without the capital to develop our own, we are dependent on those systems staying current and offering what our clients want and need. When those 3rd party systems stay stagnant and do not advance their technology, we are also left behind.

We recognize the importance of staying relevant in a rapidly changing property marketing environment. And now we can by leveraging Floorplan Online’s awesome tech development team, production services, billing and support so we can focus more on what really matters to our clients: outstanding property marketing systems with killer photography.

Innovative Ideas, Timely Support, Advanced Technology and Clear Communication: our shared vision with Floorplan Online

Customer Service with Twist Tours | Floorplan Online

FloorPlan Online has maintained over a 95% customer satisfaction rating over the last 10 years. People love their customer service. You will too.

They have a dedicated line and email to assist you with the ordering process, billing, and product support: 866-810-3816, OPTION 3ORDERS@FLOORPLANONLINE.COM

We are committed to outstanding photography, superb customer service and general happiness all around!

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