Eric Rogers

– Matterport Scanner –

As I say it, I am a born Canadian and a raised Texan. I’ve always had the drive to be the best at whatever I am involved in and I pride myself on the speed and quality of my Matterport 3D Models. I started my first company at 19 years old and, through perseverance, learned how stand up, knock on doors and shake hands to get contracts. I then shifted life to learning a different trade of designing dampeners for compressor stations. If you meet me however, I will always have a buckle, boots and a cowboy hat on as my inner passion lies with horses. My wife and I have a ranch outside of Austin where we run a cow/calf operation as well as rodeo. This year I’m actually rodeoing professionally here in Texas and am very excited to see where that path takes me. I get to enjoy watching my little boy who is 2 years old riding around in the arena with me and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Everyday I make sure to look around and see the many blessings I have in my life.

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